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Vaporizer UK News

New Flowermate Vape: Coming Soon

on Nov 27, 2018

Slicker Than the Rest! The Flowermate Slick is coming soon to Namaste Vapes UK, but first we wanted to share some information on this vaporizer with you.  New things are great! We all love a bit of novelty, we all want to know what’s over the horizon, we’re all looking forward to the next big thing! There’s always a hype train to hop onto, and the vaporizer world is no different. We love new vapes, and we get so excited when we hear about a new one that we just must tell you! Flowermate are a company that has one objective: constant improvement. So, they are always a fabulous source of new vapes for us to salivate over. Just in... Read More »

The Best Of FlowerMate Vaporizers

on Nov 13, 2017

Today we’re breaking down some of Flowermate’s most well known and well loved vaporizers. These versatile little monsters can’t be ignored if you’re a vaper on a budget and if you’ve never been able to decide what you’d like to be vaping, you could potentially have everything you could need in your pocket. Flowermate are a well known company that specialize in convenient and versatile vaporizers that don’t skimp on quality but can fit into your life beautifully. Either the perfect edition to an already well-rounded consumption gear collection or maybe just as something you can use while you figure out whether you prefer dry herbs or concentrates. Flowermate V5.0s Pro The Flowermate V5.0s Pro is a handy and well... Read More »

Flowermate V5.0 Pro Portable Vaporizer - Vape Review

on May 03, 2017

Hi guys, ladies, gents, etc,  thanks for checking out today's review of the new Flowermate V5.0 Pro portable vaporizer! This is a vaporizer that has recently came onto the scene that has astonished the vaping world with its overall performance. Delivering rapid fire buzzes with the click of a button this is a device that has the capacity to take over the vaping world. The first moment I laid my eyes on the Flowermate it was literally love at first sight.  I felt my heart flutter and my pulse rising as my eyes peered upon the exquisite beauty before me. I nervously moved towards the Flowermate V5 and clutched it in my hands  like I was clutching the crown jewels themselves. And when I first placed... Read More »

Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer - Vaporizer Review

on Nov 01, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's post on the new Swift Pro Vaporizer from Flowermate technologies. Flowermate already manufacturers several good quality and reliable products that are also affordable including the i-Hit digital nail (with available ceramic dry herb chamber), the Flowermate Hybrid X which works with 510 threaded tanks and the flower mate V5.0 x dry herb vape with a built-in USB power bank. So the company is always launching new and creative products! The Swift Pro is Flowermate's first Full Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer that comes at a very reasonable price. The Swift Pro loads and has a similar physical appearance to a Crafty Vaporizer (by Storz & Bickel) but has a display screen and full digital... Read More »