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A Complete Guide to Vapor Quality

on May 26, 2017

The UK vaporiser scene can be a bit overloaded with jargon, conduction, convection, pens, mods and desktops, it can all be a bit overwhelming to a neophyte. One of the most bewildering phrases though is ‘Vapor quality’ what does it mean exactly? Well in short it’s an engineering term.  In thermodynamics vapor quality refers to the amount of a mass of liquid that is vapor! For example if a mass is totally vapor then its vapor quality is 100%, but if it’s totally liquid then it has a vapor quality of 0%. When we apply this to a dry herb vaporizer then the thicker the vapor you’re inhaling with each hit, the higher the vapor quality. Temperature Control How do... Read More »

The Diamond PAX by Ploom - Available Now in Limited Quantities

on Oct 21, 2014

Hands Down The Most Beautiful Vaporizer Around NamasteVapes just received shipment of a limited quantity of the special Diamond PAX. One of the most popular portable vaporizers in the world is taken to new heights of style with special finish. We hope PAX will release this type of finish in the future again because we feel its the nicest to date - have a look for yourself: We love the Pax in all of its original colours - and we've said so before in our review - so naturally we're excited to be able to offer this highly exclusive unit to you, our loyal customers. We've only got so many to go around, so get your order in today. Order the... Read More »

Product Feature: Ascent Water Tool

on Sep 18, 2014

You don’t always have to buy a new vape to get more variety in your vaping experience. There are some great vaping accessories on the market, and we try to make sure we've got a selection of them to suit anyone’s needs. Now, with the tool we’re talking about today, that selection also covers water tools – which provide a very different vape quality from your existing vaporizer. We've talked previously about our Da Vinci Ascent bundle with its included water tool and adapter – so today we thought we’d have our friend Namaste Nick give you a rundown of how it looks, and how it works, in a quick video! The Ascent bundle comes with the Ascent straight water tool adapter and... Read More »

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