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Volcano Digit vs Arizer Extreme Q Comparison Review Namaste vapes

on May 18, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's post on the Volcano Digit versus the Arizer Extreme Q. Both of these units are high quality and popular desktop vaporizers. Desktop vapes are ones which are plugged in to the wall and are not portable (or battery operated). Some desktop vaporizers work in 'Whip' mode where you have a length of silicone or rubber tubing and a mouthpiece that can be passed around in a group or used solo. Then there are other vaporizers that are used for bag or balloon filling. These vaporizers are called 'Forced Air' vapes and they have a built-in fan which forces the hot air through the herbs, creating the vapor and then inflating a bag. The... Read More »

Happy Father's Day from NamasteVapes!

on Jun 04, 2014

Blow Dad Away With a New Vape for Father's Day! Summer's well on the way, and along with it comes warm weather, summer sports, and time to kick back and relax. It's dad's perfect season – just in time for Father's Day. We've got something for the dad who has everything, from introductory units to fancy, high end powerhouses. Dad's earned a break – help him relax with aromatics like lavender and eucalyptus, and a new vaporizer from NamasteVapes! Our Top 5 Picks for Father's Day Vapes If you're on a budget – or just starting out – you can't go wrong with the Magic Flight Launch Box. Compact, portable, and stylish, it's the perfect starter vaporizer for new enthusiasts –... Read More »

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