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Vaporizer UK News

NamasteVapes Black Friday Sale - What's on Offer?

on Nov 22, 2018

Black Friday with NamasteVapes UK! Have you been pining over a Mighty for months? Have you been dreaming about upgrading to the Pax 3? Well dream no more, my friend - Black Friday is right around the corner and we have amazing deals across the site on all of our biggest brands. Whether you’re tracking down the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest, or even just treating yourself to a shiny new vape - once the site goes live this November 23rd, we’ll have so many amazing offers you’ll have no excuse not to pick up something. Here’s some of the great offers we’ll have this Black Friday. Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer was £299 NOW £229.00**  Volcano... Read More »

The Volcano - A Powerful Name for a Powerful Vape

on Aug 15, 2018

Volcano Vaporizer - The Vape Everybody Loves While everyone loves vaping on the go, if you're looking to enjoy a session at home alone or with friends the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is the one for you! This desktop wonder has had a long-standing reputation for being the best in the game and it's no surprise that it is still regarded as one of the top desktop vaporizers on the market today! It's volcano like profile is a true indication of is power and strength and you'd be crazy not to buy one! If you want to browse through the selection of desktop vaporizers we have Namaste, you can find them here.  BUILD AND VAPOR QUALITY  The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is built with precision engineering in Germany, creating a reliable, long lasting... Read More »

The Volcano Vaporizer | The Best Desktop Vape In The UK

on Jul 25, 2018

If you prefer to vape in the comfort of your own home, a desktop vaporizer is the perfect option for you. Yes, they may be large and bulky, and they may not exactly be discreet when they’re standing on your windowsill, but they’re guaranteed to give you a fantastic experience. If you’re choosing the perfect desktop model, you don’t have to look too far to find a device that’s set to impress – the Volcano Vaporizer Digital . The most popular home vape in the UK and known as a “Ferrari” among vapes, the Volcano produces no carcinogens, no smoke and even less odour than you’d expect. Instead, you get an efficient, sweet vapor that makes your dry herbs even... Read More »

Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018

on Jan 17, 2018

The Desktop Vaporizers You Should Be Looking At Desktop Vaporizers vs Portable Vaporizers is like arguments you had with your friends about which gaming console was the best, Xbox or PlayStation. Desktop Vaporizers to me are the way forward since I switched, and in the past few years I was all for portable and completely against desktop vaporizers. Now, since I’ve bought a desktop vaporizer I can now see why people where all on for desktop vaporizers. Why did I upgraded? I always used portable vaporizers and the only place I use the vaporizer was at my house, so I decided to upgrade to the desktop vaporizer for that reason and also, to see what the big deal about the... Read More »

The Legendary Volcano Vaporizer - True Power

on Oct 04, 2017

The unstoppable legend of desktop vaporizers. One of the first electrical desktop models ever created and the vaporizer that set the standard for years to come. The Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer. A standard example of the kind of work that Storz and Bickel are capable of. With a Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer as your go to herbal appliance, you’ll be breathing in luxury vapor for years because this little bad boy won’t let you down. Volcano Vaporizers have been expertly manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany since 2007 which is also the home of Germany's surgical equipment industry. With a town with such a high reputation for quality engineering, it’s no wonder that the Storz and Bickel Volcano Desktop Vaporizer... Read More »

The Volcano - The Best Desktop Vape In The World?

on Jun 08, 2017

Desktop herb vaporizers are the last work in thick, tasty vapor. Unlike their portable cousins they don’t have to trade off any features to save on size. This means that they can cram extra features into their unit, everything from crystal clear LED displays to hybrid heating systems. Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Classic is the king of the hill in the UK vaporizer scene. It is, simply put, the best desktop vaporizer on the UK market. The volcano gets its name from its smooth cone shape, and packed into this structure is a lot of cutting edge technology.  With a hybrid heating system, an exact temperature control, and high quality user friendly controls, the Volcano will guarantee you the best... Read More »

5 Must Have Features For Desktop Vaporizers

on May 17, 2017

The UK vaporizer scene is growing rapidly, portable vapes have nearly become ubiquitous. More and more vape aficionados are electing to move from the portable vape to a more leisurely alternative. Desktop vaporizers are perfect for people who want to enjoy their vape experience in the comfort of their own home. However when you’re choosing a desktop vape you have to consider a few factors that you might not be familiar with. These are the 5 must have features. Whip If you’re going to enjoy a desktop vaporizer in peace you’ll want to make sure that you have a long, good quality whip. Most whips are made of high quality, medical grade plastic or silicone so they won’t taint your hits with... Read More »


on Mar 31, 2017

Herbalizer Vs Volcano Vaporizer For a long, long time the name Volcano has been synonymous with Desktop vaporizers, great vapor quality and even Vaporizers in general. This is one of the machines that we would consider an OG Vaporizer. The Volcano was one of the first huge success stories to come from the Vaporizer industry and it has showed no signs of slowing down, with a huge amount of admirers to be found across the globe. Everybody loves the volcano and everybody knows the Volcano, it has dominated the desktop vaporizer range for so long. However things might just be about to change, for coming across the horizon we can see a new competitor coming. A sleek, shiny, compact and... Read More »


on Jan 23, 2017

It was around about the year 2014 when vaping exploded onto the public consciousness with people loudly shouting about the health benefits of the devices.  Initially some tobacco company's, of all people, tried to state that the vapes where bad for you, but with growing evidence to the contrary, even the tobacco firms began to acknowledge that vaporizers where the future, and so, they began in investing in vaporizers by the billion.  The big issue for many new vaping enthusiasts is what vaporizer they should buy. The problem is that there are so many vaporizers out there in the marketplace that it can be very difficult to choose which one is the most suitable for you. Before buying a vape you should... Read More »

The Herbalizer Vaporizer | High quality, High Standard and a High premium

on Aug 03, 2016

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that is new to the vape scene. Designed and manufactured by ex-NASA engineers, the Herbalizer vaporizer has been dubbed as the smartest vaporizer on the market at the moment. The Herbalizer Vaporizer is a high end desktop vape and is a new rival to the Storz&Bickel favourite, the Volcano. The Herbalizer Vaporizer is manufactured in San Diego, California, USA and is an extremely powerful device which guarantees you high quality vapor. The Herbalizer vaporizer is quickly rising to the top of the desktop vape market. The Herbalizer is a dual function vaporizer, meaning it can be used with either a balloon or whip-style function. The majority of vaporizers that have the ability to perform... Read More »

Volcano Classic Easy Valve, Makes Life Easy!

on Jul 05, 2016

Volcano Vaporizer | Easy Valve Review  Hi guys! For today's review we're going to be talking about the OG vaporizer, the best of the rest, the one and only, the Volcano Vaporizer. This name is synonymous with Vaporizer prestige, quality and performance and it's all thanks to German creators and manufacturers; Storz and Bickel. The Volcano Classic is really the vape that started it all! Today we're doing a review of Volcano Vaporizer Classic in the Easy Valve configuration. There are two types of Volcano Vaporizers from Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. The Classic, which we are reviewing today has an analogue temperature dial instead of a digital interface that the newer Digit features. Once... Read More »

Volcano Digit vs Arizer Extreme Q Comparison Review Namaste vapes

on May 18, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's post on the Volcano Digit versus the Arizer Extreme Q. Both of these units are high quality and popular desktop vaporizers. Desktop vapes are ones which are plugged in to the wall and are not portable (or battery operated). Some desktop vaporizers work in 'Whip' mode where you have a length of silicone or rubber tubing and a mouthpiece that can be passed around in a group or used solo. Then there are other vaporizers that are used for bag or balloon filling. These vaporizers are called 'Forced Air' vapes and they have a built-in fan which forces the hot air through the herbs, creating the vapor and then inflating a bag. The... Read More »

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

on Apr 23, 2016

Hi guys! Thanks for checking out today's post where we will be discussing a great desktop vaporizers called the Da Buddha, which is made by a company based in the US in Colorado called 7th Floor.  Opinions on the Da Buddah Vape First impressions are that the unit, like its counterpart the Silver Surfer SSV is a well-built and quality unit. The setup is basically the same but the Silver Surfer parts are a little more high end like a glass temperature knob versus a plastic one. The Da Buddha is powered by a ceramic heating element which is covered by a borosillicate glass heater cover. This serves as the air intake and pathway for the air to reach the... Read More »

Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review

on Apr 17, 2016

Hi guys, today we're talking about the OG vaporizer. This is the vape that started it all! The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is without a doubt the most well know vaporizer throughout the world and even today rates as the top performing unit on the market.  About the Volcano Vape The Volcano is available in two versions - The Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. The Classic is the first model which has an analog knob to adjust temperature control. Then thew newer model is the Digit which features (you guessed it!) digital temperature controls. Within each there are also options for a Solid Valve Kit or an Easy Valve Kit. Since the Volcano is used for bag/balloon fills, it... Read More »

VapirRise Vaporizer Review: Namaste Vapes

on Jul 07, 2015

The VapirRise is one of our favorite desktop vaporizers.  It has some incredible features that make it stand out among the rest of the desktop vaporizers that are on the market. The new VapirRise features a precise touch pad control system (with option for both Celcius and Fahrenheit temperature display) and accurate temperature readings, direct (whip) inhalation or balloon bag inhalation, and an exclusive multi-user adapter allows vape sessions with up to four people at once. VapirRise Vaporizer Review - Video Transcrition (Video no longer available) Hey, guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're here to talk about the brand new VapirRise Ultimate 2.0 desktop vaporizer by Vapir based in the USA. This is a... Read More »

Video Review: VapeXhale Cloud Evo

on Apr 08, 2015

This week we're really excited to be talking about the VapeXhale Cloud Evo, one of the highest quality desktop vaporizers in terms of purity and vapor production. The Cloud Evo has won many awards and was very popular in North America, with high demand for a International 220V model. VapeXhale has answered the call and just released this international 220V model and NamasteVapes is proud to be able to offer it for our UK and European customers. The VapeXhale is designed to be used primarily with water tools to provide filtration. The top glass adapter is ground ground and can form a firm connection with any 18mm ground glass water tool. The standard VapeXhale kit comes with a dry mouthpiece,... Read More »

Review: Silver Surfer by 7th Floor

on Jan 30, 2015

This week we will be adding to our ongoing video reviews series the Silver Surfer vaporizer by 7th Floor. As one of our most popular desktop vaporizers we felt it was important to review this one. As always contact NamasteVapes if you have any questions or need some further clarification on the review. Made by 7th Floor in the US, the Silver Surfer is a convection vaporizer for home and with new accessories can be used for both blends and oils/concentrates See our page on the Silver Surfer for more information or to order your own today. Video Transcript Hi guys. This is Kory with NamasteVapes. Thanks for tuning in today. We're going to be doing a review of the... Read More »

Vape Review: Volcano, The Luxury Desktop Vape

on Oct 06, 2014

We’re committed to making sure we've got the very best selection of vaporizers on the web. From budget portables to the best, high-end desktop vapes, we try to make sure we have something for everyone – so how could we not talk about one of the best vapes on the market? Even among our more expensive desktop units, the Volcano stands out. Its long history of quality and great customer feedback put this desktop in a class on its own. What Is It? The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer, built with simple controls (power, fan, temperature), a removable oven, and designed to work with special Easy Valve balloons – some of which are included with the unit. It’s one of... Read More »

Vape Review: Da Buddha, Simplicity’s Strength for Desktop Vapes

on Sep 25, 2014

While the desktop vaporizer market isn't quite as saturated with variety and model differences as the portable vape market is, there’s still a lot of choice out there – some of which get really fancy. Desktop vapes these days have digital screens, all kinds of attachments, options for whip or bag operation, remote controls, and more – but what should you be looking at if you’d rather keep it simple? 7th Floor, manufacturer of the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha desktop vapes has the answers – and this week, we’re looking at one of them; arguably the best simple desktop on the market, Da Buddha. What Is It? Da Buddha is a solid, simple desktop vape designed to be used... Read More »

Vape Review: Arizer Extreme Q

on Aug 22, 2014

Ask any vape aficionado and they’ll probably list off a few well-known names for desktop vaporizers – however even among the wide range of desktop units we sell, a few stand out. Near the top of the list for quality and popularity, every time, is the Extreme Q by Arizer. What Is It? The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-purpose desktop vaporizer. It allows you to use either a whip (tube) or a balloon to enjoy your vapor – and can handle both concentrates and loose leaf material. The base itself also has a wide range of temperature and fan settings – and even comes with a handy remote to make controlling the vape convenient and easy without having to... Read More »