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Tel: +44-2039605350

Sales: 10AM - 10PM | Monday - Friday

Sales: 10AM - 10PM
Monday - Friday

Vaporizer UK News

5 Common Vaping Myths - Did You Fall For These?

Posted on May 31, 2017

Vaping is a new phenomenon in the UK herb scene and understandably there’s a certain level of skepticism surrounding it. Some of the claims we’ve seen circulating are totally wrong! So we’ve compiled the most egregious claims and debunked each one! 1. Vaping Smells Herb certainly does have a distinctive smell. It’s something that every aficionado knows. It lingers for hours, can sink into your hair and clothes and, depending on the strain, can be very pungent indeed! Some of us put a lot of effort into disguising or banishing that smell altogether! Some people worry that the diffusion of herb into vapor can cause the smell to travel further and linger longer. The good news is that the vapor... Read more »

5 Reasons Vaporizers Are Healthier Than Traditional Smoking

Posted on May 29, 2017

There are those in the UK herb scene who remain somewhat skeptical of the advantages of vaporizers as a way to enjoy your favorite herb blends. Vaporizers are healthier, but the main point of contention seems to be the fact that vaping doesn’t look as ‘cool’ as joints, are you really willing to give up all those advantages over a perceived image issue? If that’s really an issue for you then I’m sorry, we can’t help you. For the rest of you, however read on for five great reasons why a vaporizer has the edge over traditional smoking. 1. No acrid smoke The first obvious advantage is in the name: 'Vaporizer', it vapes. They use heating elements, either conduction or convection... Read more »


Posted on May 23, 2017

Most times, features like digital display, control system and aesthetics appeals to consumers in the UK when it comes to vaporizer procurement. This is no way a problem but on my path, I would prepare to weigh a commodity by the content it features on the inside than make judgement's from the outward appearance. Some of you might think I don’t value style or maybe I am not fashionable but on the contrary, maybe I like commodities I purchase to come accompanied with all the possible advantages. Note that when it comes to vaporizers, it is vital that you know the important things to look out for. One of the most important part of a vaporizer is the heating chamber,... Read more »


Posted on May 23, 2017

The vaping industry in the UK is getting more and more competitive by the day, with several innovations and advancement in technology. Vaporizers are becoming more like robots rather than just the conventional devices for heating herbs or concentrates. 2017 has recorded a tremendous success in the vape industry and personally I see 2017 as a breakeven point for vaporizers, as manufacturers of vapes are proofing to be on top of their games on any product they offer to the market. BUY THE DAVINCI IQ RIGHT HERE! The Arizer is one of such companies that have proven to be reliable, innovative and consistent in the production and delivery of quality vapes that always top the list of ‘the most wanted... Read more »

7 Best Features for Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer

Posted on May 22, 2017

This year has been great for the UK vaporizer scene, an outstanding cavalcade of amazing vapes have hit the market. This is great news for anyone looking for a new vaporizer, there’s so much quality to pick and choose from. On the other hand, however, this could be seen as an embarrassment of riches; you have such a glut of choice that you may struggle to choose the right vaporizer for you! We feel your pain, and to alleviate it; we’re running a series of features that let you know exactly what you’re getting with each vaporizer. One model we have taken a particular interest to is the Da Vinci IQ Dry Herb vaporizer, a fantastic portable vape set to... Read more »

Vaporizers: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Posted on May 12, 2017

Herb Vaporizers are taking the UK by storm. Hundreds of people from all across the UK herb scene are discovering the health benefits of vaporizers, their adaptability and smooth, tasty flavour. Of course entering the UK vaporizer scene isn’t always an easy transition. There’s a whole host of technical jargon and slang to decode and can be a bit of a barrier to entry. You need to be able to understand this before you can make an informed buying decision with your first vaporizer, so we have compiled a glossary of vape terms, what they mean for your vape experience, what individual components do, and how they can help you find the right vaporizer for you. Oil Or Dry Herb?... Read more »

Dry Herb Vaporizers Vs. Oil Vaporizers: What You Should Pick And Why

Posted on May 08, 2017

The Vaporizer scene in the UK has seen a massive boom in the last few year, and it’s still growing. All across the UK people are finding that vapes offer a healthy alternative. Before you chose your Vaporizer you have to decide whether you would prefer a unit that works with dry herbs or liquid. Dry herb vaporizers are intended to have the dry herb physically packed into a special chamber on the unit while oils are intended for use with liquid oils similar to an e-cigarette. Which is right for you? Flavour For some people the taste of a hit can be very important, if you’re using your vape all day then you want to make sure that you... Read more »

The Anatomy Of A Vaporizer : Everything You Need To Know

Posted on May 05, 2017

Vaporizers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy herb, they spare your lungs harsh smoke, they’re easy to use, they’re discreet, easy to use and come in a whole range of units to suit any need. But just what goes on inside a vaporizer? What mysteries do the sleek casings hold? Let’s take a look. Vape Types Vaporizers come in many types to suit any need, here are the three basic categories. Pen Vape Pen vaporizers are the cheapest variety. Often they are designed to work with oils and concentrates. Discrete and easy to use but unfortunately lack the precision of more complicated models. For an example check out the Puffco Plus Vaporiser. Portable VapePortable vaporizers... Read more »

The Top 10 Vaporisers of 2017

Posted on May 03, 2017

With a massive range of vaporisers on the market it can be hard to find that quality vape that's the best fit for you. So we've done the hard work for you and put together a list of the top 10 vaporisers of 2017. Pax 3 The PAX 3 is the successor to the PAX 2, the best selling portable vaporiser of 2016. Though it looks similar to its predecessor it has been completely redesigned from the ground up; making it one of the most advanced vapes money can buy. With a sleek anodised aluminium body and medical grade materials the whole package is a quality construction. Its built-in rechargeable battery has been engineered to extend its life far above that of its predecessor. With... Read more »

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