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Cheech and Chong – Big Names for a Reason

on Sep 19, 2018

We live in a strange time, a time where if someone pretends to be something on television then we naturally assume that they are capable of that in real life. Ross Kemp played a tough guy for years, so we naturally thought that he was tough enough to send to Afghanistan. Donald Trump played a business man on telly so we gave him control of all of America’s nuclear arsenal. It’s just the way our society is, and it’s probably why we’re all going to be dead by 2060.  The Original Stoners - Cheech and Chong  Sometimes, however, actors can actually live up to the skills of their roles. Cheech and Chong built their name on their hilarious stoner comedies. They became the DeFacto dry herb ambassadors to an entire generation. If they followed... Read More »

Jay and Silent Bob Bongs - NEW Additions

on Sep 17, 2018

There have been a lot of dynamic duos down through the last fifty years, Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Han Solo and Chewbacca, James Belushi and that dog, remember that film? But perhaps no duo defines the stoner generation of the 21st century better than Jay and Silent Bob. Which makes it appropriate that we now have the Jay and Silent Bob bongs to prove it.   Kevin Smith’s creations took on a life of their own following their debut in 1994’s Clerks, culminating in the 2001 cosmic-odyssey Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a movie that cemented their legacy forever. Not least because they fought Mark Hamill, who played Ball Knocker, while dressed as superheroes Bluntman and Chronic. Good times.    Clearly, you can tell that... Read More »

Clean Bong, Clean Lungs?

on Aug 22, 2018

Glass Bongs UK There's nothing worse than looking at your bong and knowing you can't get another go out of it without cleaning it. On top of it all glass bongs in particular are incredibly difficult to clean and the effort of it all would nearly make you want to dump your bong and buy a new one. We feel your pain here at Namaste which is why we've tried and tested a variety of ways to clean your bongs and we found this way to be the most cost and time effective! Step 1: Get prepped  Don't waste your time running around the house looking for your cleaning materials as you go along, start by gathering up your materials... Read More »

The Best Celebrity Bongs

on Aug 13, 2018

Celebrities are people too, they have needs, wants, and desires. Sure, their needs and wants are slightly different from ours, when they need sustenance it is served in an upscale restaurant, when they want shelter it’s in a mansion, and when they need something it’s a giant heap of cocaine they find on the buffet table at a Bilderberg meeting. The point, however, is that they feel the same things we do. There are some differences, though. When a celebrity has a passion for, say, bongs they can go a little further than adding some to their Amazon Wishlist, they can go ahead and create their own! We’ve compiled a list of the greatest celebrity bongs, so you can smoke... Read More »

Best Bongs Under £50

on Apr 05, 2018

Bongs have long been an important part of the Smoking community. From ancient times, water pipes have always been a popular way of enjoying dry herbs. In recent years, as technology has advanced, the selection of Bongs which is available in the UK today has multiplied. Coming in all shapes & sizes and built with a range of materials, Bongs are fast becoming more of an art than a simple smoking apparatus as in years gone by. The introduction of Percolators, diffused downstems and more have created a market both full and impressive. In this Blog we will take a closer look at what we at Namaste consider to be the best Bongs under £50 in the UK Chongz -... Read More »

Alpha Puff All-In-One Kit - Ultimate Convenience

on Oct 26, 2017

The Alpha Puff All-in-One was designed to be the ultimate in portable herb consumption equipment. At just 10 inches long, everything you might need for a session with a bong or joint is right inside. Completely self-contained. Not much bigger than a water bottle, any dedicated herb smoker can have most forms of smoking right their at their disposal. Instead of amassing an enormous collection of products that have to stay within your house, you can now take everything you might need on the go with you. When the Alpha Puff says it's all in one, the really mean it too. Never worry about your favourite glass piece staying at home or rattling in your bag if you’re hoping to... Read More »