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Should You Buy A Black Mamba

Posted by CSR Team on

The Black Mamba Vaporizer is one of the most cost effective dry herb vaporizers on the market, but should you buy one? Read on to find out!

Black Mamba Vaporizer

The UK vaporizer scene is rapidly growing, more and more people are joining in with what may be the way of the future. Vaping is by far the most healthy way of enjoying herb as there is absolutely no combustion involved at all, so no toxins, soot, poisons or tar will enter your lungs in any way shape or form. It does this by using heating elements to vaporize the active ingredients in your herb, leaving all of the vegetable matter and poisons behind while allowing you to enjoy the effects you’ve come to expect.

Of course for those who are unsure hopping on the band wagon can be a lot to ask of someone, vaporizers are far from cheap. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to recommend our favorite vaporizers. There's sure to be one for any UK herb enthusiast and one for every bank balance.

The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is an affordable vaporizer that is solid and reliable and is worth every penny of its low, low price. It has a capacity of .65 grams, which isn’t a lot but is more than enough for at the very least  one solid vape session. It has a lightning fast heating time of only 30 seconds, so you won't have to wait long for your first hit. It has a battery life of one continuous hour of usage and a two hour charging time.

The Black Mamba employs a conduction heating element which means the herb is put into direct contact with the heating element. This has the advantage of ensuring that the heat up time is incredibly brief, unfortunately it has the disadvantage of conduction vaporizers is that they are prone to generating hot spots. Hot spots can occur due to the herb being too densely packed into the chamber, a build up of resin, or improper usage of the temperature settings; whatever the reason hot spots can result in combustion. Combustion can release toxins and carcinogens and waste your precious herb! When using a conduction vape be sure to keep it clean and understand how the temperature settings work.

The vape features an all glass vapor path, glass is a particularly good material as it is totally non-reactive. Sometimes vape users complain about plastic air paths and mouth pieces having a nasty plastic aftertaste. With a glass path, you are sure to enjoy your herb’s flavour at its purist. The vaporizer comes with five different temperature settings that allow you to customize your vape experience. As a basic rule of thumb, the higher the temperature the thicker your vapor, they lower the thinner!


The Black Mamba is an exceedingly easy to use vaporizer. Its heat up time is incredibly brief, which is perfect for all the impatient herb fans out there. The chamber is all ceramic, which is widely regarded as the material which provides the best flavour, this combined with the glass air path means that you are sure you get a fantastic flavour from this little vape. Be sure to pack the chamber thoroughly, but don't over-pack for the best results!

Operating the Mamba is especially easy, it has a single button that provides all the control you need to turn on change temperature, and turn it off again. It’s a very comfortable vape to use, fitting easily into the palm of the hand. For a display it has five LED lights that indicate what heat your vape is set to, this is yet another intuitive addition to an intuitive vaporizer.

One particular problem that the Black Mamba has is its comparatively short battery life. It can last up to an hour, but pushing it at higher settings can drain it a bit faster. Its charging time is only two hours, but if you’re away from an outlet then that isn’t much consolation. Overall, however, the Black Mamba is a solid vaporizer with a good, sturdy construction that would serve as a fantastic introductory vaporizer for anyone curious about the scene!

For a broader selection of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories be sure to check out our UK web store!

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