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Rosinbomb Rocket Vs Super Rosin Press- Who Comes Out on Top?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

What is Rosin?

Who knew you could juice dry herb? Originally intended for violin products the rosin press is now a much-loved member of the herb community. Rosin has been around for quite some time but has only really taken off since 2015.

Rosin Press UK

This is when it earned the ‘trend of the year’ the award amongst dispensaries.

DIY dry herb connoisseurs use to use basic materials to create their own yield. The task involved hair straighteners, some parchment paper, and heat resistant gloves. A less than ideal process that we are guessing wouldn’t pass any safety standards…

Not to mention using the right equipment greatly improves the quality of the product. Rosin is a fully melted concentrate derived and extracted without the use of solvents. It can be dabbed, vaped, or added to edibles and unlike some shatters and waxes, it has no trace of hydrocarbons.

How is it Made?

The easiest and most efficient way to make rosin is with a press. This uses both heat and pressure to force the trichome heads of dry herb, flowers, or kief to liquefy. Leaving users and concentrate lovers with an easily derived pure dry herb form. With rosin, you can enjoy concentrates with a similar level of potency to BHO, and it should also have more terpenes.

Since the concentrate is made using only heat and pressure, it offers massive safety benefits over open blasting or solvent-based extraction. Meaning there is no need for the extraction of nasty chemicals which would require expensive equipment. All users need is a rosin press and some dry herb to make your very own high-quality concentrates.

Rosin Press UK

Rosinbomb Rocket Vs Super Rosin Press

If you are thinking about purchasing a rosin press, Rosinbomb is the way to go. The company is a family-run business based in the US. They currently manufacture the top quality presses available on the market which produce the highest yield.

Rosinbomb Rocket

The Rosinbomb Rocket is the featherweight of presses, weighing in at 13lbs (around 6kg) it’s small enough to fit inside your backpack and somewhat portable. I mean you won’t be taking this baby out on the train anytime soon but you can easily transport it to a friends house.

The Rocket is user-friendly and after an initial ten-minute heat-up just simply adjust the temperature and load your filter bags with dry herb. Soon your rosin will begin to slowly seep out and should be fully extracted within two minutes. Hit the release button to power off the device and let your rosin cool before collecting. All in all, creating rosin should only take around 15-20 minutes with the Rocket. User guides suggest that you can use up to five grams of material, but we believe you can get better results from 2.5 - 3.5 grams. As well as being more efficient with your materials.

Although small, this device does not feel frail and is made up of some pretty high-quality components. The Rocket presses an advertised 1500 lbs of pressure on a small setup, which is really impressive when you take into consideration its size.

It also comes with a one-year warranty on electric parts and a five-year warranty on structural components which is reassuring for those who intend on splashing out. In comparison to bigger units, users will struggle to get every bit of juice from your buds with this device. However, with that being said, the yield you do get is of high quality and depending on heat settings you can switch up both potency and flavors.

Rosinbomb Rocket UK

Super Rosin Press

Let's start off with the price point and by that, we mean the obvious; the Super rosin press is pretty expensive. The simple fact is that if you want safely made rosin, quality is an important factor over cheaply made products.

Not only can substandard devices prove dangerous but you will get a poor return on your concentrates and even lower quality rosin. Think of the Super Rosin Press as the big brother to the rocket, you won’t be hauling it around anytime soon but you can press more materials and to a much higher standard. Using the device is a simple experience involving no manual pumping, air compressors, or noisy hydraulics.

When it comes to the design the press is sleek, strong, and looks dependable, everything you want when you are spending this type of money. It has a striking stainless steel exterior and looks like it could survive a fall or two (please don’t test this theory though). Performance-wise, users will have an excellent extraction and quality results every time as the device exerts 5 tons of pressure. Along with that, it is quick and mess free.

Super Rosin Press UK

Who Wins?

It’s not difficult to see why Rosinbomb is dominating the press game at the minute and when it comes down to choosing your press there are two factors: price and portability. If you want to get the absolute most out of your materials, don’t mind the price, and the desktop quality doesn’t bother you, then the Super Press is the number one choice. However, if you’re not hindered by less pressure, you would like some portability, and just quality rosin, then the Rocket will do just that.


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