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Purchasing an authentic PAX from Overseas

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Hi guys,

So lets start off first by saying that the PAX vaporizer and the new PAX 2 are two of the most amazing vaporizers ever made. The original PAX set the bar as an innovative unit that is intuitive to use, very discrete and attractive and packaged as if it were an expensive product from Apple. The manufacturer, Pax Labs has done a great job in the design and branding of this product and has set the bar even higher with the newly released PAX 2. PAX 2 is basically the same as the original PAX but with some great design changes including a larger bowl, extended battery life and a new style of mouthpiece. We'll be doing our Youtube video review of the PAX 2 very soon but discussing the operation and performance of the PAX is not the purpose of this blog post.

Pax Vaporizer Namaste Vapes UK

At NamasteVapes™ we make a commitment to our customers to provide the newest and best vaporizers that make it to the market and at the best prices possible. Over the past year we've worked hard to open up channels to introduce new products in to the UK, EU and overseas markets like the Firefly, as a great example, for which we brought distribution in to over 5 countries. The PAX is no different. We go to great lengths to source PAX, import them to our various fulfillment centers and supply them to all of our international customers. It is a well known fact that that Pax Labs (the manufacturer) does not authorize the sale of their products to any countries outside of the USA. In fact they will even tell you that after you've spent your hard earned money on an awesome vaporizer that they won't validate your warranty if you are outside the US! So people always ask us - are we selling authentic PAX by Pax Labs vaporizers and how are we getting them or will they get their coverage under warranty.

We want to take the opportunity to clear the air and tell you that we do not agree with exclusionary sales practices. We believe that every customer no matter where they live should be able to buy the vaporizer they choose. Our head office is based in the USA and we have several international distribution centers that hold our stock and ship to our international customers. We purchase PAX and PAX 2 in the USA (where you can actually buy PAX vaporizers) and then ship them out all over the world. If there is any doubt about the 10 year warranty offered and whether or not Pax Labs will back their own product, this is what we have to say. The PAX is a very high quality product and likewise with the PAX 2. Since we've began selling PAX online the return rate on them is less than 1% (very low). Due to this fact and that we are so confident with the product, we take full responsibility for replacements due to faulty items. If you ever have a problem with your PAX or your PAX 2 over the course of its warranty and the unit is deemed to be faulty we will replace it for you ourselves.

We've reached out to Pax Labs on many occasions requesting them to allow the units to be sold outside of the US. We do not believe in their strategy of excluding many thousands of potential customers and we make this promise that we will continue to supply these units to our loyal customers along with all of the other high quality vaporizers that we sell on our NamasteVapes™ sites. Our goal again is to offer you the latest, most innovative and exciting products in the world of vaporizers and we will continue to do so. The PAX and PAX 2 are two amazing portable vaporizers well worth the effort we go through to supply to our customers. Thanks for checking out our blog post today and if you have any questions, comments or feedback please let us know!

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