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Plenty Vaporizer Storz & Bickel Hand-Held High-Performance Vaporizer

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Hi guys, thanks for checking out todays post! This week we reviewed the Plenty vaporizer which is manufactured by the one and only Storz & Bickel. This unit along with others from this company are excellent quality and all made in Germany!

The Plenty is a plug-in vaporizer and hand held. This is unique because it almost looks like a portable unit but requires power and at the same time does not sit on the desk as other plugs in units (ex Volcano) would. However this unit is much cheaper than a Volcano and will perform just as well.

The other main difference is that the Plenty is a whip style vape so you direct-inhale from the mouthpiece, versus the Volcano which operates on a bag/balloon fill system.

Plenty Vaporizer

About the Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

The Volcano Plenty is available in either 110V power for the US and North America or 220/240V power for our UK/EU and AU customers. We stock all versions of this unit at Namaste Vapes. The Plenty Vaporzer is a very interesting looking unit and often compared to a power tool in terms of the industrial design.

The Plenty has a temperature dial from 1-7 which can be used to adjust the set temperature. The temperature can be seen on an analogue dial on the front of the unit. Maximum temperature, no surprise is 420! 

To pack the herb chamber twist and remove the mouthpiece and then chamber top. If you're packing a half of a chamber or really anything less than full, we recommend using the liquid pad (provided) as well to take up the space and compress the herbs for best performance. Once the chamber is packed replace the orange chamber top then replace the mouthpiece.

Turn the unit on with the switch on the side of the unit and wait until it reaches temperature. The orange indicator light will remain on during heating and turn off when the unit reaches temperature. From this point the temperature will drop, but slowly. After 90 seconds you will be able to press the handle on the Plenty to re-activate the heater. This will bring the unit back up to temperature.

I found this feature a little annoying that I knew the temperature was dropping as I was vaping, however, there was no noticeable difference in terms of the vapor production. I just kept my hand pressed on the switch to allow it to re-heat when 90 seconds was reached.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vape - The Namaste Conclusion

The overall performance of the Plenty Vaporizer is excellent. The vapor production is good and the vapor itself is very cool due to the coiled stainless steel mouthpiece. The unit heats up in a couple of minutes to full temperature and performs well across a range of temperature settings tested.

Overall this would rank as one of the best performing desktop direct-inhale vaporizers but since its not portable and requires being plugged in, it may not be my top choice. 

Thanks for checking out today's review here is the link to the video below! Feel free to share it or use it for your own blogs.

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