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Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

on Apr 04, 2016

For those who do not know the Pax 2 it is not just a gaming convention it is also one of the best Vapes on the market. A lot of Pax 2 reviews have dubbed this the "Iphone of Vapoizers". We at Namaste Vaporizers understand why. The Pax 2 is a great all round portable vaporizer. Its stylish, gives a great Vape and is an awesome size. Want to know more about this Pax, watch our video review...

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review Transcription

Hey guys, this is Kory from NamasteVapes™. Thanks for tuning in today. This is probably one of the most exciting reviews I've done, to be honest, because the PAX 2, which has come on now, is an absolutely amazing vaporizer. It is an upgraded version of the original PAX, which to date was the most stealthy, most sexy, beautiful vaporizer. It comes packaged like it's an Apple product. I can't really say enough good things about the PAX original and now the PAX 2 is out. I tried it, I tested it for you guys so that I could come here and talk about with you. I have to be honest. I'm shocked, I love it. It's an amazing vaporizer. I'm going to go into a review of the PAX 2, some comparisons of the PAX 2 with the original PAX, and some upgrades they've made on it.

One thing I want to talk about with you guys now too is a common question we get asked. Because this is not a cheap product, it's very high quality. The most common question that we get is that is it authentic? This is because PAX, because it's so famous, it's such an amazing product, there are companies in China that do a very good job of copying this product. There's websites online that sell them and market them as originals, but they're actually replicas. There are replica PAXs on the internet. They are out there, so you have to keep an eye out on them. First of all, to answer the question, yes, 100%. All of our PAX models are 100% genuine, authentic. We buy them here in the U.S. and we export them all over the world for our customers. We don't really agree with the business principles and theory of excluding people that are in certain countries from being allowed to buy your product. Because our head office is here in the U.S., we order them here. We know people want them, we know our customers love them, and we want to be able to get our customers the best products possible, so we buy them here and we ship them overseas, and we stock them everywhere we need to so that you guys can enjoy a quality vaporizer just like people in America do, which we think is only fair.

I got that out of the way. The moral of the story is you are getting an authentic PAX product and the manufacturer warranty will be honored by us indefinitely. As long as the warranty's valid by the manufacturer, we will handle that in-house for you. That being said though, out of all the vaporizers we sell, every single one of them, PAX products typically have the lowest rate of return. In cases with the original PAX where there were faulty items, and I'll talk about this in a few minutes, the PAX 2 has really made a lot of positive changes on those aspects to the design that I believe mean that this is going to have even fewer warranty issues than the original, which is next to none. You know you're getting a quality product from us here, guys.

This vaporizer is absolutely amazing. I was literally so excited to get in here and to try it. It met my expectations. It exceeded them. I want to share that with you and go through this product in detail. I'm going to start by doing an un-boxing. Then I'm going to talk about the different components that you get with it, and how this vaporizer works, and mainly the improvements on the original PAX as well.

Pax 2 VaporizerLet's get into a little more detail. We're going to do an un-boxing here to start and some discussion on this PAX 2. Okay guys, let's get into an un-boxing of the PAX 2. You can see here this is the outer box here. You have the PAX 2, this is the flare red color. A little bit less discreet than the black, but it's a very, very nice unit. I like the color myself, personally.

One of the first things you notice in the packaging, its amazing quality. It looks like an Apple product, like I said before. You get this, you know you've got what you paid for. I want to show you how the box works to start out. You slide this open. Now already you're like, "Look at this, it's really cool." The red metal below is showing through the surface here, it's pretty slick looking. It's a nice box. It's nicer than the original box, I think, too, so it's pretty cool. You flip this over and there you have it. The goods. PAX 2, right there. Great, great, great unit.

Let's just set this aside because we want to go and just quickly show you what else comes in the box. Right here, you have this little groove on the bottom. You can stick your finger in and pull that out. That's going to show you on here, you have two sides for accessories, basically. This is the charging dock, and then you have the cleaning kit.

Pax 2 VaporizerThe charging dock is very interesting because they made some major changes on the way this charges versus the original. If you open this up here, this is really cool. This new charging system they have essentially is like a floating dock for the PAX, which is unique. It's a little bit different, so I just want to show you. I'm going to open this up. You have this charging cradle here, and it's so small and slick. This company is so innovative that they've really thought of everything. This basically plugs in here with a USB cord. It's nice, it's labeled "plume" on the cord as well. You plug this into your computer. You can also use one of the wall adapters for USB to charge it as well.

Then essentially, on the back of the PAX, there's these little metal contacts right here that are flat. They don't stick up, it's still a smooth surface. Then you just rest this unit down, it's magnetically connected. You rest it down and the magnets basically draw it in. It sits and then it charges like that. It's really cool. This charger is really neat. I like it a lot.

One of the improvements with the PAX 2 is that overall, they've extended the battery life by at least 15%. Originally, the PAX had about one hour of usage. Now you can get up to 90 minutes of usage on this new model, and it's smaller as well. That's a really impressive improvement on the original. Charging time is a little bit longer than the original though, it's anywhere from 2-3 hours, which is a little bit longer, but the fact that it lasts longer once it's charged up is very nice.

Then in the box you get as well is this cleaning kit. Again, the packaging is just so great that even the cleaning kit itself looks like something expensive with the PAX logo on here. You just slide this open. What you get with this is you get another mouthpiece. The original PAX had this mouthpiece which pushes in, and lifts off, and it was the source of actually many of the warranty problems that we've seen with PAX.

I actually have one here. Check this out guys. This is the PAX original. This is the PAX 2 right there. You can see right away a difference in size substantially right there. The way this one worked is that you would push this mouthpiece in and out. This mouthpiece would basically protrude out from the unit, and that's where you would draw from right here. That also controls turning the unit on or off, pushing this in, pushing it out like that. What happens with this unit over time is that residue builds up inside and you have this little mouthpiece area, and you end up having to lubricate the metal rod here and the inside of the tube inside of the PAX. Because what would happen over time is this thing would start sticking. Then in a lot of cases, we've seen it actually get completely stuck in the unit and you're not able to remove it.

What they've done with this PAX is they made this flat surface on the top. It's just got a tiny little slit over here where you put your mouth on. You're drawing from the side of the unit itself here. At first, when I saw that, I was kind of unsure about it, looked a little bit bizarre and strange to me. Nonetheless, I actually think that it's a major improvement. From my using it, I actually enjoyed using this versus the other mouthpiece.

What they've done is they've actually supplied an additional mouthpiece as well with the new PAX, which does protrude up above the surface a little bit. If you wanted to be drawing off of the top of it more than on the side edge here, it gives you an alternative option that way. Both of these mouthpieces just basically, you put your thumb in, peel it back. It's rubber, it's like a silicone, so it just pops right back in place. Then you would have more of something you could draw off of the top here. It's an option, but I didn't test it with this. I actually just used it like this and I really liked it. That comes in the cleaning kit as well.

Now, that they don't need to have the same lubricant because there's no mechanical parts that can get stuck in this unit anymore, what they give you is a nice little bottle of isopropyl alcohol, which is a great cleaner. Our cleaner that we sell for our vaporizers is a component of isopropyl alcohol as well, so at the end of the day, this is one of the best solutions that you can use to clean your vaporizers. PAX has gone ahead and sent you a nice little bottle with your product that comes with it.

Then you have these pipe cleaners as well. The pipe cleaners are great because this product, again, is designed so well that when you remove the mouthpiece and then you open up the chamber, on the bottom here you can basically, once you remove the screen, you can stick a pipe cleaner right through the whole unit, clean out the center tube where your vapor pathway is. It's very easy to clean. Now the maintenance of this is a lot better. It requires a lot less maintenance than the original PAX. That's a major improvement as well.

Overall, when we're looking at this one versus the original PAX, the PAX 2 is 25% smaller, it's 10% lighter, it has a substantially extended battery life, and it also has a deeper oven than the original. When you look at the oven sizes on these things here, the oven on this is deeper, it's not as wide, but I believe overall has the same volume. What the upgrade they did actually means that you get better heat distribution throughout the chamber on this unit than you do with this one. Basically, that results in better performance because the way the heat is distributed amongst the herbs in here, it has an effect on the vapor production.

Especially with these conduction vaporizers, which the PAX is, it's important that you have this chamber fully packed so that you get this pressure on the herbs inside of here that will result in the best flavor. That's common with both of them, but the changes to the size, the diameter, and the dimensions of the chamber on this one are an improvement as well.

Let's just talk about usage for a second here. There's a lot of features with the PAX. They have this party mode where you can flip around the PAX a certain number of times, and then it goes into party mode, and these lights start flashing like crazy. It's a bit of a gimmick, I think. To be honest, I think what they do as a company is they try to add all these tiny little features that you never really use, but it's interesting because it's something that would make it harder for a company to copy with. If you were trying to copy a PAX, and these manufacturers trying to do that in China, the more complicated this becomes, the harder it is for them to do.

I'll go into the basic functionality of this for you, how it works. It's very simple. Essentially, you have your herb oven on the bottom. This is controlled, this lid is magnetic. You push one side, the other side pops up, and it opens up like that. You can fill up this chamber here with your herbs, and like I had mentioned before, you want to fully pack it down, make sure the chamber's full for best results. Then this magnetic lid just basically pops back on like that. That's it.

Then you look at this here, on the front view. Everything is controlled by these LEDs right here. To turn the unit on, you just push the top here. There's a button embedded into this silicone. You push this button and the unit's going to turn on. When it's pulsating purple like this, I'm not sure if you can see, I think you can, when it's pulsating purple, that shows that it's heating.

The original PAX had a way of changing the set temperature, where you had to pull the mouthpiece out to change the temperature, and then you had three different temperature settings. With this one, the difference is you just need to hold down the top button for a few seconds, and then it goes to this other setting here, where you can see right now there's four different heat settings. I have it on the second heat setting. It goes 1, 2, 3, 4. They call them in the manual, these pedals. If you keep pressing the button, you'll see that it'll go to 3, and then 4. That's your maximum heat setting, on 4, when all of the pedals are lit up. Then it goes down to 1, 2, 3, and then the highest heat setting.

Once you pick your heat setting, you just hold the button down again, and then it goes back into its heating mode. Now it'll continue to heat. It'll flash purple until this light turns green. Then when it turns green, you're ready to vape.

One cool thing too, and this was similar to the original PAX, if you want to check how much battery life you have, you just give it a little shake like that, and you'll see it's almost dead right now. It just flashed up with the one leaf there popping up again. That's 25% charge. If it was two leaves, you'd have up to 50% charge, three leaves would be 75% charge, and the fourth leaf would indicate that it would be fully charged.

You can see now, the light's turned green, so this unit's ready to vape. What you don't want to do is you don't want to grab this thing and just draw and pull really hard or fast off of it because you're not going to get the best results that way. Again, you're either going to take light, little puffs off of it, or a long, slow draw, which is going to give you the best results.

My experience with this is that I got very good vapor production out of the unit. You can get anywhere from 10-20 draws off of it on one chamber pack, which is pretty great. Again, that is going to depend on the length of your draw, and the density, and the types of materials that you have in it as well, but that's a guideline for it.

I did find towards the end of a session that the whole unit gets quite warm. Not that it's too hot to hold, but to be honest, for the size of this, it's almost, I thin, impossible to not have it heat up at all. If you're having a long session, you'll feel like already, I can feel it's getting kind of warm on the bottom here, but it's never really too hot that I would be concerned about holding it. It's just something that I wanted to point out, I actually find this unit to get a little bit warmer than the PAX 1 did. At some point too, depending on the temperature setting you're using, you might find that the vapor itself can get a little bit hot. If you're going to feel that way, then you might want to turn the temperature setting down a little bit.

What would be great is that if we had a 14 millimeter adapter for this PAX, like we do for the original one, where you could put the adapter on the top here and which would allow you to put on a water tool over the PAX. That's something we're going to be developing, again, very soon for this model, like we did for the original PAX to offer to you guys.

Overall, I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed by this product. It's an amazing product, really technological achievement. It works so well, it's so small, and so discreet. There really is nothing else out there right now that compares to this in any way. There are, like I said, other products that work differently or might have different vapor production, different flavor quality, but with this vaporizer, the quality's great, the materials are great. There's very little faults. You know you're getting a solid unit. It feels solid, it's not cheap looking in any way at all. This is nothing but goodness right here, this PAX. I absolutely love it. I think this is going to be my favorite go-to vaporizer from now on.

You guys, we're going to make sure that we're always stocking these for you. It's a little bit challenging at times to keep these in stock because they sell like crazy, but I wanted to do the video for you today so you guys can get a feel for the PAX 2, and see how small it is, and beautiful. Here it is again against the PAX 1. I'll straighten it out for you there. PAX 2, ladies and gentlemen, amazing. Absolutely amazing vaporizer. It is hands down my favorite, I think, and I think you guys will enjoy it too.

If you have any questions, any comments, or concerns, please reach out to us. Please subscribe onto the YouTube page. Like us on Facebook, you'll always get the latest updates on the newest products that we're coming out with as well. Here it is guys, the PAX 2. I've been very much excited about doing this video for a while. I've really thought a lot about it. I hope that I covered everything about the vaporizer in general. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to help. Thanks a lot, have a great day. Peace and blessings to all of you, Namaste.

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