The New Flowermate Slick : Now in Stock

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Slicker Than the Rest!

The Flowermate Slick has arrived at Namaste Vapes UK, and we want to share some information on this vaporizer with you. 

New things are great! We all love a bit of novelty, we all want to know what’s over the horizon, we’re all looking forward to the next big thing! There’s always a hype train to hop onto, and the vaporizer world is no different.

We love new vapes, and we get so excited when we hear about a new one that we just must tell you! Flowermate are a company that has one objective: constant improvement. They have released a new portable vaporizer, and it’s the slickest one yet!

The Flowermate Slick

Flowermate are one of the most exciting vaporizer brands out there, they have a long and strong history of making sturdy, affordable, and powerful portable vapes. The Flowermate slick is their latest vaporizer and their first foray into the pen-style vaporizer design.

Flowermate Slick | Namaste Vapes UK

Haptic Feedback

Vibration feedback is usually the purview of more high-end vaporizers, but Flowermate have crammed this handy feature into the Slick. The vape will vibrate when you turn it on or off, and it will give you a buzzing alert when it has reached vaping temperature.

User Friendly Design

The Slick features a magnetic mouthpiece cover that lets you store it easily in a pocket or bag without any risk of accidental herb leakage while being easy to remove when needed. The mouthpiece easily screws on, while this may pique the concern of some, don’t worry; it will never unscrew accidentally!

Flowermate Slick | Namaste Vapes UK

Removable Battery

The Slick features a powerful and long-lived battery that offers a fantastic 10 – 12 sessions per use! The battery is removable, which means that you can carry spares to increase the vapes range. When a battery does eventually run down you can charge it up with an external USB charger in around 3 hours.

Tasty and Smooth Vapor

Slick by name, slick by nature, the vapor from the Flowermate Slick is smooth and tasty. The conduction heating system evenly heats the herb in your chamber and the air path is non-reactive enough for you to enjoy the pure, untainted taste of your herb.

Who Is It For?

This vape is ideal for beginners. Its simple design, straightforward controls, and smooth vapor means that it can be instantly picked up and mastered by anyone. Of course, experienced vapers looking for an affordable pen-style vape will find plenty to appreciate here. Ultimately, as the name suggests, this vape is perfect for anyone looking for a slick vaporizer.