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NamasteVapes™ Product Launch Launch Magic Flight Maud-Dib

on Oct 30, 2015

Hey guys hope you had a great week! We're excited to announce the launch of an exciting product across all of our sites - the Magic Flight Maud-Dib concentrate box! 

Magic Flight Maud-Dib concentrate box

The Maud-Dib is an amazingly powerful vaporizer designed specifically for concentrates and essential oils! The Maud-Dib utilizes the same heating mechanisms as the original Magic Flight Launch Box but targets the energy to a smaller concentrate screen. The Maud-Dib will heat to vaporization temperature in as fast as 3 seconds! 

The Maud-Dib features a brushed brass lid and an optical grade lens with a 1.5 ft black silicone draw whip. The Maud-Dib is available in Noir (black) or Walnut.

Each Maud-Dib package includes: 

- One Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
- (2) rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries with protective caps
- Battery charger
- Felt-lined decorative tin
- 1.5 ft. Black Draw Whip
- Loading spoon
- (1) Replacement Screen
- Muad-Dib Flight Guide

The Maud-Dib is an amazing vaporizer, made in San Diego California. Magic Flight stands behind their quality products that are both efficient and unique which is what sets this company and it's products apart from the crowd!

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