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Namaste Vapes interview with Dr. Ken Grey CBD Oil Health and Wellness

on Jan 19, 2016

Happy New Year NamasteVapes™ family! We hope all of you are off to a great New Year. Thanks again for all of your support in 2015 and we look forward to servicing all of your vaporizer needs in 2016.

We are very proud of Namaste Kory on his first online/live radio broadcast where he was a special guest on Dr. Ken Grey's health broadcast.

Tune in to hear the discussion about the benefits of CBD oil, what it is and what it's used for! CBD also known as cannabidiol is a compound that can be extracted from plant material using a variety of techniques including supercritical CO2 extraction. This process extracts the CBD compound from the plant material in a very safe and healthy way with no use of solvents. Advances in production and CBD and changes in legislation have improved the availability of this product. Be sure to know what you're buying and how its produced! CBD oil has been the focal point of many studies recently in applications for treating various illnesses including cancer, epilepsy in children, chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety disorders. CBD oil can be consumed orally, in food or through a vaporizer.

We hope this is just one of many shows he will do where he can share his knowledge with the World. At NamasteVapes™ we will keep working on bringing the latest technology and stay committed to keeping up to date with the benefits and educating our customers with the latest information in the vaporizing space.

Enjoy the broadcast and thanks for reading our blog! Till next time namaste.

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