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Mighty 420 Special Offer

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

The Vaporizer you need this 420!

As a great celebratory occasion is upon us, it is only fitting that the greatest portable vaporizer ever created is on special offer. Why just celebrate, when you can celebrate in style. So why is the ‘Storz & Bickel’ ‘Mighty’ the best of the best in the portable vaporizer market? Why will so many people vape with the ‘Mighty’ at parties and parks around the UK and the world, on April 20th? Here’s why: 

Mighty Vaporizer 420 Offers

Design and Structure 

The ‘Mighty’ is a sturdy, heavy duty, dual-use portable vaporizer, capable of vaping both dry herbs AND concentrate in its large .25g stainless steel chamber.

An extra long vape path and built-in cooling unit in the mouthpiece ensures that your vape has a greater distance to travel before it reaches your mouth, resulting in smooth, cool, and flavorsome draws every time. 

An outer shell of quality plastic protects 2 powerful lithium ion batteries, fueling unprecedented performance similar to that of a desktop unit, heating your material in under 2 minutes and providing you with up to 90 minutes of vaping! 

Heating System 

Utilizing a hybrid heating technology of both convection and conduction, the ‘Mighty’ consistently heats your herb evenly and efficiently, providing you with the greatest vaping experience eve, all in an easy to use, 3 button device.  

A unique feature of the ‘Mighty’ is it’s an incredibly wide range of temperature choices available from 104°F to 420°F. Each of which can be chosen to single degree accuracy displayed intuitively on a large LED screen. 

If you want to impress on this 420 celebration and every day after, then this behomet of a machine is the perfect choice for you. 

In honor of 420, the ‘Mighty’ has been reduced from £279 to £229. A pocket-sized device at a pocket-friendly price.

Happy 420! 


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