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Jay and Silent Bob Bongs - NEW Additions

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

There have been a lot of dynamic duos down through the last fifty years, Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Han Solo and Chewbacca, James Belushi and that dog, remember that film? But perhaps no duo defines the stoner generation of the 21st century better than Jay and Silent Bob. Which makes it appropriate that we now have the Jay and Silent Bob bongs to prove it.  

Kevin Smith’s creations took on a life of their own following their debut in 1994’s Clerks, culminating in the 2001 cosmic-odyssey Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a movie that cemented their legacy forever. Not least because they fought Mark Hamill, who played Ball Knocker, while dressed as superheroes Bluntman and Chronic. Good times.   

Clearly, you can tell that these are two people who know a thing or two about weed.  

Snootchie Bootchies 

Snootchie Bootchies

So, when you learn that they’re involved with an awesome new bong, you know it’s going to be good. Introducing to you the Jay and Silent Bob Bongs.  

You have a choice between the Buddy Christ, Bluntman & Chronic, and, of course, Snootchie Bootchies. Each one of these bongs is made entirely from non-reactive borosilicate glass, making them super easy to clean and maintain and won’t give off any bad tastes to your weed. Not only that, this type of glass is resistant to thermal shock, so you won’t have to worry about any stress fractures. The 10” based bongs are available in black, green, or milky teal and feature an ice-catcher and splash guard. No need to worry about getting bong water all over you. 

All three of the Jay and Silent Bob bongs have a distinctive design on the side, too. Bluntman & Chronic features the aforementioned alternative superheroes of the cannabis world with some lovely green leaves along the top, a personal fave of ours. The Buddy Christ, meanwhile, features the mascot of the “Catholicism Wow” campaign from Dogma. Who doesn’t want Christ giving you the seal of approval as you get high? And, last but not least, Snootchie Bootchies features the classic Jay & Silent Bob duo smiling roguishly.  

All three of these bongs feature a bent downstem and showerhead percolator for the perfect smoking experience. Just the kind of thing that Jay would approve of. Snoogins.  

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