Is The Magnum 2 Vaporizer The Best Vape Pen In The World?

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Meet the Magnum 2

"The best vape pen in the world" is a pretty bold statement, but we believe the Magnum 2 vaporizer pen is in with a pretty good chance… It is the latest modification to Puri 5’s pen collection and is the perfect example of technology mixing well with aesthetics.

Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer

The Magnum 2 pen takes style to the next step with its sleek and craft design. Introduced in late 2017 it brings the futuristic element of water filtration to the realm of portable vaporizers, and is quickly joining the ranks as one the most popular dry herb pens around. With a high standard of build quality, vapor performance, and portability, the Magnum 2 takes vaping to a whole new level.

Innovative Features


In terms of design, the Magnum 2 is probably one of the more attractive pens on the market. It comes in black and is sleek, classy, and simple.

Complete with an OLED display, this feature makes the pen stand out from the rest of the competitors. Other materials included in the design are a ceramic filter and borosilicate glass mouthpiece, both used to enhance flavor for the user.

The Magnum 2 comes with two different mouthpiece connectors. The shorter one for travel-friendly purposes and the longer, a water filtration connector. Both made from strong pyrex glass, and when connected, the water piece takes the Magnum to the next level of unique design. But we will talk more about that later...


As discussed previously, the Magnum 2 has been manufactured with some pretty high-end materials. And, although they may serve the function of producing pure vapor they are also extremely durable.

The device has a fully anodized aluminum body, an adjustable isolated airpath and premium grade heat absorbing. The built-in oven is extremely long lasting, made from crystalline ceramic and a removable 18650B battery is also available, for double the power. The pen weighs only 250 grams and measures 172mm x 30mm however, do not be mistaken, although portable it is still extremely durable. The Magnum 2 feels sturdy in the hand and you will be pleasantly surprised at the strength of the pyrex glass. This device has been built using only the greatest and latest technology.

Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer


For a pen, the Magnum 2 has an impressive range digital of temperature ranging from 160°C- 226°C (320°F- 439 °F). For dry herb settings, the best temperatures are 210°C, 220°C and 230°C. With water filtration, we would recommend going lower and waiting around 20 seconds when the desired temperature is reached to get the best out of your product. If you are chasing big clouds with your water filtration set then go above 210°C every time.

The great thing about the Magnum 2 is that you have a great range to explore, you can find whichever temperature suits you best and enjoy different vaping experiences for each and every occasion.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, things don’t get much straightforward than the Magnum 2. There are very few parts to put together, it turns on with five simple clicks and takes around 20 seconds to fully heat up, so you won’t be left sitting around. To adjust the temperature on the Puri5 pen all you have to do is hold down the arrows at either side and the easy to read OLED digital temperature display will keep you right.

In a few minutes, you should be vaping on the go, no questions asked. Not to mention, this vape has a smart memory function and will automatically heat up to your previous desired setting. So, if you’re a creature of habit you will love this convenient function.

Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer

Versatility and Vapor Quality

The Magnum 2 is the ultimate portable vape. It is sleek, discreet, and in a black design, you will be able to take it almost anywhere. You can easily take this product on a hike, date, or even to the club. The vapor quality of the Magnum 2 is one of it’s best qualities and when it comes down to it- this is what users want from their device. Every piece of design and manufacturing in the Magnum 2 is built for the purest and most flavorful vapor, and it does deliver. If this isn’t enough users can also avail of the added water filtration system which is easily attached and will cool your vapor even further. For a vape pen, the Magnum might just be the best in the world...

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Magnum pen 2
  • 1 x 18650B 3200mAh Battery
  • 1 x Packing tool
  • 1 x Clean Brush
  • 1 x Additional borosilicate glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x Mouthpiece cover
  • 3 x Screen filters
  • 1 x User Manual