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Is Plenty enough? Check out the Plenty Vaporizer - Review

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Namaste Vapes UK VaporizersGerman based manufacturers, Storz&Bickel have manufactured their new hand-held vaporizer the Volcano Plenty. The Volcano Plenty is a smaller and less expensive option than Storz&Bickel's masterpiece; the Volcano. Storz&Bickel are renowned in the vaping community for their hugely successful desktop vaporizer - the Volcano and have continued this trend by producing another stellar vape for us all to enjoy. The Plenty vape is just as accessible and easy to use as the Volcano and is proving to be as efficient, with vapor quality at a premium. Check out the rest of Storz & Bickel's range of vaping products. 

The Plenty vaporizer is an economically priced device and is a great alternative to those who can't afford the Volcano or the Volcano Digital. The Plenty Vape stands at fifteen and half inches tall, and twenty two and a half inches long.  The Plenty Vaporizer operates without the need for any balloons or pumps, making the device even more quiet and accessible. There is a double helix equipped to the heat exchanger which helps to ensure efficient air heating and also ensures that high quality vapor is produced. 

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Plenty Vaporizer Design

The Plenty vape is a handheld vaporizer with a design that actually differs entirely from the desktop setup of the Volcano. The Plenty vape is similar to a handheld power tool and it would need to be as it accomplishes some heavy duty work! The Plenty vape also has a shallow, but wide herb chamber which can store a decent amount of materials. Also, there are connecting pieces to the herb chamber which are simple to use and work extremely well.

Plenty Vaporizer Heating and Temperature

Namaste Vapes UKThe Plenty vaporizer comes with a wide range of temperature settings. Temperature options range from 100 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows ultimate customisation and allows the user to find out what heating levels suit you're vaping needs.The cooling coil is one of the most innovative features on this piece as it helps make the process of  vaping at the higher temperature settings, comfortable and pleasing.


Pros and Cons of the Plenty Vaporizer 


  • The Plenty vaporizer offers the performance and vapor quality of a desktop vaporizer.
  • The standard of vapor produced is incomparable to another hand-held or portable vaporizer, only desktop vapes can compete.The Plenty has incredibly high quality vapor.
  • The herb chamber is quite large and can hold a large amount of materials, the chamber itself is also quite accessible and easy to fill. The Plenty Vape is a great choice if you are planning a session with friends. 
  • The cooling coil helps to generate clean, cool and pure vapor which is  pleasing and smooth. 
  • Cons 

  • The plenty vape is more expensive than most other handheld vaporizers, this is largely down to the fact that it provides superior vapor quality.
  • The Plenty Vaporizer is not battery-operated, which means that it is not really portable.
  • The Plenty Vape does have a long heat up time when first switched on. 
  • Conclusion of the Plenty Vaporizer 

    First things first, the vapor production on this device is out of this world. That gets a 10/10 from us straight off the mark. Every-time we use it, it blows us away each time. Its not ALL about vapor production, but when the Plenty is compared to other vapes it blows them all out of the water. The only real competition seem to be from Storz and Bickel themselves with their Volcano desktop vape. 

    People might just assume that to get the Plenty Vape (which in a sense is a quality, smaller version of the Volcano) they would be paying a premium price. But in fact the Plenty Vaporizer only costs £169. This is cheaper than some of the more advanced portable vapes on the market!  For most people who use the Plenty Vape just once, it’s going to be worth that price tag and then some.

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