Is CBD Oil UK Bound?

on Jul 18, 2018


What is CBD Oil? Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’d know that CBD Oil is a product derived from the cannabis plant that acts as a therapeutic agent in your endocannabinoid system. It has taken the world by storm, being introduced into people’s everyday lives, incorporated into food, beauty products as well as making headlines across global newspapers with claims of medical benefits such as relieving depression, relief for chronic pain and improving your sleep pattern.  

One young boy with severe epilepsy from Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland has made recent headlines after having his medicinal cannabis confiscated and then returned to his possession in London. While his products contain high THC levels and are recognized as illegal in the eyes of the UK government, Billy Caldwell’s story has made waves in the cannabis industry and calls are being made to reform the current cannabis laws in the UK, with members of the British public voicing their support, along with sharing their experiences using just CBD Oil for their conditions. 

While CBD Oil originally came in the form of drops, they are now also available in capsules and are also featured in in a variety of syrups, teas, lotions and creams, meeting the needs and preferences of everyone. To answer the question whether or not CBD oil is UK bound the answer is simple, it’s already here.  



CBD Vape oil is extracted from the resin glands on cannabis buds and flowers but can also be extracted from hemp. Because it is a non-psychoactive element found in cannabis plants you won’t experience the euphoric marijuana high but is full of vitamins and minerals which are proven to be beneficial to your health. Research has shown that the medical benefits surrounding CBD Vape oil include acting as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-convulsant and an anti-psychotic agent, tending to a variety of medical needs.  

Along with this, CBD Vape oil can be a potential medicine for anxiety, epilepsy and nausea along with lowering incidents of diabetes, promoting bone growth and heart health. Research is also on going for CBD to be used in substance abuse treatment.  

Unlike other medicines and anti-biotics, CBD vape oil has no set dosage amount. The term ''one size fits all'' doesn't apply. This means until you find the dosage that’s right for you, there can be a lot of trial and error. Factors that you should consider before deciding which dosage is best for you include;  

  • The concentration of CBD Vape oil  
  • The weight of the individual user 
  • The individual's body chemistry  
  • The severity of the condition being treated.  

While estimating what dosage of CBD vape oil is best for you may seem like a stab in the dark, a good rule of thumb that we would recommend is that for every 10lbs of your body weight to administrate 1-6MG of CBD. Another method we would recommend is to start small and gradually increase if you don't feel or see any effects. If you'd prefer a professional opinion, we recommend you consult your physician and they can prescribe a recommended dosage.  

Just like any other form of medication out there, CBD Vape Oil comes with some side effects that you should be made aware of before you start using it. While the side effects are experienced by a minority of users you should be aware of the possibility of: 

  • Drowsiness  
  • Dry mouth 
  • Changes in appetite 
  • Diarrhea  

These side effects are the more common with people who use CBD vape oil when not on any other medication and we would strongly recommend that you consult your doctor if you are on preexisting medication as side effects can vary.  



With the popularity of CBD growing in the UK, one of the main questions on potential user's minds is whether or not CBD is legal in the UK. CBD Oil is not considered a controlled substance in the UK and this means it is completely legal to purchase, use and distribute throughout the UK without facing any restrictions.  

It is important to mention that the UK government have set the THC content of hemp and CBD products to 0.2%. Anything over 0.2% is considered illegal as it is qualified as medicinal marijuana. This applies to Billy Caldwell whose condition is so severe he requires high levels of THC to manage his epilepsy. 

In the vaping community CBD has become increasingly popular with people using their vaporizers to consume CBD. Here at Namaste we have your back with products such as the Grizzly Guru being compatible with e-liquids. CBD vaping is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as many find the taste of CBD oil to be unpleasant and find vaping an easier and more enjoyable alternative way to experience the variety of ways CBD benefits your health.  


Here at Namaste we are very excited to announce we have a wide range of CBD products now available on our website! Not only do they come in drops but they are also available in capsules creams and crystals, so, there is literally a CBD product out there to suit everyone! All of our CBD products are now available here 


One of the most popular ways of taking CBD here in the UK is in the form of E-liquid. Here at Namaste we have a variety of vaporizers that like wine and cheese are a match made in heaven! Vaporizers such as the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer and the Grizzly Eclipse are available here so when CBD arrives here at Namaste Vapes UK you'll be ready to go!  

It's important however for the upkeep of your vaporizer that you make sure you bought CBD E-liquid rather than CBD oil as they are two entirely different products and while one will give you a highly enjoyable vaping experience and the other will not only ruin your vaping experience but will also damage your vape. Should you make this mistake however here at Namaste we have a variety of replacement parts so if the damage to your vaporizer isn't too extensive you should be able to get it back in working order in a matter of days.  

With CBD oil UK bound, it's time you got yourself ready and get kitted out with some of the best vaporizers on the market, so you can truly enjoy its wonderful benefits. 


Buying CBD oil in the UK has never been easier as it's now widely available in the UK, and NamasteVapes UK is no exception. CBD Oil has taken the UK by storm coming in a variety of forms to meet the preferences of everyone and treating conditions in a natural way. To answer the question of is CBD oil UK bound is simple, with cases such as Billy Caldwell who now has a license to use medicinal marijuana in a country where it is deemed illegal it's obvious not only is CBD Oil UK bound but some huge changes are going to be made in the United Kingdom in the coming years and here at Namaste Vapes UK we're more than ready for it. The main question is, are you? 

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