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Is a Convection Vaporizer the Best Way to Vape?

Posted by CSR Team on

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How does a Convection Vaporizer Work?

Vaporizers that use convection heating are the latest trend in vape technology and because of that the most expensive. A convection vaporizer works by heating the chamber around the herb. This produces a thick, flavourful vapor for you to enjoy. 

Why Use a Convection Vaporizer?

There are has been a lot of heated (forgive the pun!) debate recently about whether conduction or convection technology is the best way to vape. It's a tricky issue and one worth exploring. 
Today, what I'll try to focus on and analyse will be the convection vaporizer. Convection vaporizers have been receiving a lot of positive press in the media and one of the reasons for this is because the technology is revolutionary in terms of the overall package that it gives herbal lovers. The new system results in your herbs and plants being purified to the perfect consistency resulting in some truly marvelous vaping moments.
Recently, many of the best vaporizers in the marketplace are beginning to incorporate convection technology into their products with good reason. Simply put this is because convection vaporizers are known for the outstanding quality of the vapes that they produce. What this method results in is an unequaled vaping experience that will keep you coming back for more and more.

What is Convection Technology?

Conduction Vs Convection - Which Is Best

Convection vaporizers work by forcing hot air towards your materials and this results in vapor being produced. Unlike conduction, which results in your herbs coming into direct contact with a heating element this is completely avoided with convection.
A convection vaporizer causes your materials to be crystallized to the perfect temperature. What the whole process results in is a very smooth vaping experience where the vapor produced will be of superior quality and all without the chance of your plants combusting and burning into the air.
And unlike with conduction, you wont have to be continually stirring around your herbs trying to get a consistent vape. The beauty about this new technique is that your plants will be vaped at an even pace and without any extra input.

Is it Better?

Whilst convection vaporizers are way more expensive I feel that they are worth paying the extra money for. What you're going to be receiving will be pure quality and in the long run it will be worth the investment. Another major reason why you should be using convection vaporizers is because, surprisingly enough, you'll well end up saving loads of extra money. Why are you going to be saving money you may ask? Well, because convection vaporizers are far more efficient and will save you money over the long run.
Unlike with conduction your herbs wont be combusting and burning all over the place- this type of wastage is avoided when you own a convection vaporizer. What this technology ensures is that your plants and materials are heated with a scientific level of heat that ensures that not one strand of your herbs will be wasted. Conduction vaporizers are notorious for blowing up your herbs beyond repair, and this unfortunate tendency results in you having to buy more and more materials to replace the stuff that has been destroyed.
But fortunately with this new heating method these issues are becoming like a thing of the past. And in the long run you'll be thanking your convection vaporizer for your jammed packed wallet.

Personalized Temperature Control

Another huge factor weighing in favour of convection is that this method allows you complete control over the temperature with which you'll be vaping at. No longer will your vaping experience be like shooting in the dark- you'll now be able to control your vaping sessions right down to the last centigrade.

A further benefit is that you'll also be able to play around with the temperature gauge until you find a specific one that suits your own needs. Just because a certain flavour suits one person this doesn't necessarily mean that the same favour is going to suit another, but with a convection vaporizer you'll be able to find the exact vapor taste that is meant for you. The next major question to be asked is what are the best convection vaporizers? And the answer to this question is that they're loads of top quality machines that you could get your hands on. Below I've assembled a list of three convection vaporizers that I feel are must haves.

Final Thoughts on Convection

I think that using convection vaporizers are definitely the best way to vape. A convection vaporizer will ensure that your herbs are vaporized at the perfect consistency. And not only will your experience be better you'll saving a whole load of extra cash as convection will ensure that none of your herbs are ever wasted.
Whilst it might be fair to say that many convection vaporizers are more expensive- I think people need to consider the overall package that they'll be getting which will be infinitely superior to anything else on offer. And even though the initial investment may be a bit heavy, in the long run you're going to save bag loads of cash. In finishing, all I can say is that if your going to purchase a vaporizer you cannot go wrong if you get your hands on a convection vaporizer. 

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