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How to use the Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

The boundless CFX vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer from the home of the boundless technologies. Released alongside the boundless cf in the UK, these two vapes made their way in to the hearts of every vapor in the vaping community and not just that they became a contender vape offering quality and efficiency at very affordable prices.

The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer is a hybrid vape meaning that it utilizes both conduction and convection heating methods to vaporizing Dry Herb, oils and waxes while offering similar attribute as the storz and bickels Crafty. In this article we would be looking at how to use boundless CFX vaporizer and not just using it but getting the best out of it.

The CFX is ergonomically designed and easy to hold and operate so expect a simple and concise usage technique.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Side View

The boundless CFX is an herbal vaporizer but can also vape oil/ waxes. So if you are using the CFX for herbs, the loading pattern would definitely differ from loading concentrates.

How to use the CFX with dry herbs

Since the CFX utilizes the conduction heating method just for preheating the herb chamber while utilizing convection for the rest of the process, it implies that you herbs should be loosely blended since only hot air from the heating chamber is required to cook the herbs. Once you have your loosely blended herbs on ground you can no proceed to loading the CFX .

Get you CFX vape and take off the mouth piece and insert one of the screens into the ceramic heating chamber. These screens come along with the Boundless CFX unit in its box and been 3 in number can be interchanged on a periodic basis.

After the screen insert, you can now load your loosely blended herbs into the ceramic heating chamber and you ensure not to overfill the chamber and also tamp down the contents with a dabber tool or with your fingers. Once this is done, your replace the previously detached mouth piece. Note that the device should not be turned on during the loading process.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Front View

With the mouth piece in position, you turn on the device with 5 rapid press on the power button and the display which looks like a speedometer would be opened with light. The display apart from temperature information, also displays battery status, duration timer etc.

A green indication on the display reveals that the temperature is setting while a red indication surfaces after the temperature is set. After some seconds, the herb is fully cooked at the set temperature and you are ready to get hits from you CFX in style and pleasure and with the fully isolated air path, you are sure to get a clean and pure vapor all the time.

How to use the CFX with oils/ waxes

The CFX is mostly used with herbs but it does well with oils/waxes as well. While using herbs we inserted a screen in the chamber where our herbs took shelter but in the case of the oil/waxes, we would employ the oil/ wax chamber.


The oil/ wax chamber is to be filled with at least 5 drops of (0.2- 0.3ml) oil. The oil is then allowed to settle down in the oil/wax chamber before it is been placed into the ceramic heating chamber of the CFX. Once this is done you can now turn on your device and enjoy your oils at your desired temperature.


In the case of waxes or concentrated oils as they are usually called, you place the concentrated oil around the recess of the lid and subsequently screw the lid on to oil/wax chamber and with the lid faced down, you insert the oil/ wax chamber towards the ceramic heating chamber after which you turn on the device and vape with pleasure.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Both Views

Battery and charging

The CFX should be allowed an initial charging time of 4-4.5 hours when using the micro 5 pin port (5V, 2A), and 1 to 1.5 hour using the DC port (12V, 1.5A). Once fully charged, the battery would stop charging and when it is on a low battery, the battery icon flash repeatedly for up to 10 times. Note that precautions attributed to lithium ion batteries should also be taken with the CFX battery since it is also a lithium ion battery.

Overall, using the Boundless CFX is quite easy and should not be a torn in the flesh. Cleaning on the other hand could be quite demanding because compartments such as the mouth piece is technical to disassemble, though with the aid CFX user-guide you have nothing to worry about.

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