How to Use a Rosin Press

on Jul 16, 2018

How to use a Rosin Press 

Rosin Press NamasteVapes UK

Rosin Press is a solvent free concentrate processing method. At a fundamental level it requires two mechanisms; heat and pressure. It is a far less time-consuming process and actually is kind of fun! Take it from us at Namaste if you buy one of our Rosin Press' on offer you won't be disappointed! If you buy a RosinBomb Rocket we'll also throw in a FREE CLoudV Platinum Concentrate Vaporizer! Or if you're really looking to be the star of the show, if you buy a RosinBomb Super Rosin Press you get a FREE Anthony Bong, a Dr.Dabber Boost Black Edition AND a Higher Standards GT8000! So while you're making a long time investment you're also going to be fully equipped! 

How do you use a Rosin Press? 

For those of you who think a Rosin Press is a complicated machine that only the more advanced users out there could operate we're here to shut down that claim! It couldn't be easier! Here at Namaste our job is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible so sticking to our word we've given you a step by step on how to use a Rosin Press so when it comes to it, you'll look like a pro in front of your friends!  

Step 1: 

Plug in and turn on your Rosin Press using the switch on the cord. Allow your unit to heat up for about 10 minutes or until it reaches around 210(F) or 99(C).  

Step 2: 

Press 1/5 grams of your flower using the RosinBomb Loader, put the pressed material into the Happy Loom Bag or alternatively between 2 sheets of heavy weight parchment paper.  

Step 3: 

Place the material on the unit and center the material on the bottom plate. 

Step 4: 

Hold down the PRESS button until plates press together, when this happens release the button. Wait until you can see rosin seeping out the sides of the paper, when the flow stops (usually about 2 minutes) the process is complete. 

Step 5: 

Push the RELEASE button. Reset he machine, using the RELEASE and PRESS buttons, to get another grab at your material and improve your yield. 

Step 6: 

Let your rosin cool for about 5 minutes or until it is cold to the touch. Use the RosinBomb Multipurpose tool to remove the rosin. 

Step 7:  


Rosin Press NamasteVapes UK

How to clean your Rosin Press 

Cleaning your press is just as easy as using the machine! Simply use rubbing alcohol to clean the plates! Make sure to clean your press after every use in order to maximize performance levels.  

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