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How to Throw the Ultimate Herb Themed Halloween Party

on Oct 12, 2018

There are so many great things that happen in October, what a glorious month it is. Canadian Thanksgiving, World Nature Day, October 3rd (Mean Girls reference) and, the best day of em all; Halloween – which is also World Saving Day – Halloween, nonetheless.

Halloween Time

If you don’t know what Halloween is, it is the night of the 31st of October, often celebrated by young kids (or adults) dressing up in scary clothes and knocking on neighbors' doors in search for sweets and chocolates of all sorts. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad. In a British context, Halloween is also the night before Guy Fawkes night. And, what better night to round the gang up, get some of our favorite dry herbs, dress up in silly, scary or satirical attire and have a party!

Vaporizers for your Halloween Party

Plan Early and Carefully

To throw a successful Halloween-herb-themed party, you’ll need more than just a few pre-rolled joints. It requires effective and precise planning; to ensure all your guests have the best time ever.

Pound-Wonderland (Why is Everything So Cheap?!)

You need to set the ambiance, run or walk(!) to your local pound shop and buy all the Fairy Lights that place has to offer! While you’re in the pound shop, grab all the bad Halloween decorations they have from banners, cups to plates! Grab it all. Bonus, you can use the plastic-spooky-bowls as ashtrays! Double whammy. Stay where you are, no going anywhere yet. Food, junk food. Grab some sweets, crisps, chocolates for your guests, don’t be paying full price, people don’t care once they're high. Some sweet savings!


Next step is to address what sort of party this Halloween-herb-themed party is. Is it a dress-up or just a smoke-up? That decision is yours make. Ensure you let your guests know! You could dress up as a lighter or a joint.

Grab your essentials

Now, for the important part! Equipment that is essential for getting high. Looking at your sweet dry herb isn’t going to do anything, you need things to help you and your pals get lifted. You're not going to find dry-herb vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers or sick bongs in a pound-shop. But I know where you can get it from - NamasteVapes UK. Trust me on this; NamasteVapes UK store the best dry-herb accessories at competitive prices. Getting sorted from here will seriously elevated your get-together to a party.

All is left to do is countdown to the big day and allow the excitement to overcome you. If you follow the above steps, your Halloween night is set to be a good one!

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