How to Hide the Smell of Marijuana

on Sep 26, 2018

Staying Discreet

More Countries across the world are opting for the legalisation of cannabis and the age old, highly googled question ‘how to get rid of the smell’ is becoming more relevant. Even if it’s legal in your country a lot of people may still opt for discreetness. Most users don’t sit around all day and smoke, and if you’re heading to work you do not want to smell to linger on your clothing. If your parents are coming over you don’t want your house to stink of weed because let’s be honest who wants to listen to that lecture. Also the majority of us don’t really want any type of odour in our houses, including marijuana. Regardless of your situation, below you will find some useful tips on how to mask the smell, before, during, and after smoking.

Eight Ways to Eliminate the smell of Cannabis

Scented Products

Incense, candles, air freshener, there are plenty of scented products out there that can cover up the odour. Candles and air freshener are probably the most convenient option and you might already have some in your home. If not, they will more than likely be available in your closest convenient store and should be pretty cheap. When purchasing an air freshener try to go for an odour eliminator rather than something to just cover up the scent.


If you’re trying to keep cannabis odour to a minimum, then proper storage is vital. Air tight containers can be perfect for this, zip-lock bags are also an option if you want to take your weed on the go. Using multiple zip-locks bags will work better and some users even recommend using three and filling the outer bag with ground coffee or coffee beans. This should counteract any skunkiness.

A Vaporizer

Not only will purchasing a vaporizer improve your smoking experience but it can also greatly reduce the scent of your materials (by around 80%). This is due to combustion taking place inside your device. Any after scent will more than likely be a burnt electronic smell and this odour will usually diffuse within a few seconds. Vapes can be used to smoke a range of materials so this can add to your discreetness and portable devices can be used for when on to go. We know somewhere you can get some brilliant Vaporizers.

Toilet Paper Roll and Dryer Sheets

Okay, so this one might sound a bit silly but it’s cheap, easy, and works. For your very own DIY ‘sploof’ or smoke filter simply place some dryer sheet inside an empty toilet roll, put some paper towels over the end and secure with an elastic band. Viola! You have yourself an air purifier.

Ventilate Your Space

When toking, make sure to always keep your area fully ventilated in order not to trap any stinky smoke. This method may seem obvious, but it is an easy and perfect way to cut down on nasty smells left behind. You can also use a fan to blow the air towards the window or opening.


Cooking food with a strong odour can be a great way to mask the smell of smoke. If it is close to mealtime consider cooking with onion, garlic or any other strong-smelling food. This will only work if your cooking with an ingredient which smell you don’t mind, as you don’t want to cover one bothersome smell with another. Once finished you’ll have a tasty meal to tuck in to.

Lemon Juice

For those who have done their fair share of washing up, you will know just how effective lemon juice is. Not only can it easily break up food residue, but it can also eliminate odours from your hands and fingers. Lemon juice is extremely effective for getting rid of the smell of weed and even more so when mixed with common herbs and spices.

Go Outside

Go outside! Trust us, it is good for you. This method should not be underestimated and smoking outside can be great, even more so if you’re an active person. Go for a walk, cycle, or even hike, at the end sit back take in the view and light up.

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