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on Aug 22, 2018

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There's nothing worse than looking at your bong and knowing you can't get another go out of it without cleaning it. On top of it all glass bongs in particular are incredibly difficult to clean and the effort of it all would nearly make you want to dump your bong and buy a new one. We feel your pain here at Namaste which is why we've tried and tested a variety of ways to clean your bongs and we found this way to be the most cost and time effective!

Step 1: Get prepped 

Don't waste your time running around the house looking for your cleaning materials as you go along, start by gathering up your materials so you have them to hand as you go through these steps. You will need the following;  

  • Kitchen/Rock salt or rice. These act as an abrasive to help remove those tough stains that have been dried into the bowl of your glass bong. 
  • Rubbing Alcohol 
  • Small pieces of fabric and cotton wool to plug your stem and cover the tube of your bong, use rubber bands to secure them in place. 
  • Pipe cleaners to help shift those tough stains in difficult areas  
  • Gloves; Rubbing Alcohol isn't the best for your skin use after use so it's best to wear them all the time. 

Step 2: Break it down  

For the best results we recommend that you take your glass bong apart and rinse each application with hot water. Don't be lazy, give it a good rinse to save you more effort in the long run. 

Step 3: Mix it up 

Add your rice and rubbing alcohol, if you opt for using salt don’t wait for the salt to dissolve as it won't act as an abrasive and you won't get the best results. Once you've added the salt and alcohol cover the stem and tube with the pieces of fabric and cotton wool. Make sure to secure them with the rubber bands!

Step 4: Shake it up! 

You won't need to go to the gym when you're done with this step! Cover all openings with your thumb and fingers, even though the fabric and cotton wool are in place just as an extra precaution we recommend that you do this, AND SHAKE! Shake your glass bong violently for at least 5 minutes keep going even when your arms begin to hurt. Picture your sparkly clean bong as your motivation.  

If your bong is particularly dirty you may have to repeat the process, but it will be a good lesson learned for the future and you'll learn to clean it more often. Once you're satisfied that your glass bong is clean, remove the cotton and fabric and simply flush the dirty contents down the toilet! 

Step 5: It's all in the details  

For the smaller more difficult parts of the bong we recommend that you soak a pipe cleaner and get busy scrubbing! Again, if your glass bong is particularly dirty it might take more than one go but trust us it will all be worth it in the end! 

Step 6: On the home stretch 

Give your bong and attachments one final rinse with water to get the smell of the rubbing alcohol out of your glass bong. Leave each piece to dry before reassembling your bong. 

Voila! Now that all your hard work has paid off sit back, relax and enjoy a smoke out of your brand new looking glass bong. If you're looking to either add to your glass bong collection or invest in your first one we got you covered here at Namaste and you can explore the variety of glass bongs we have available here.

*Please clean your bong regularly for optimum results  

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