How to Clean a Pax 3

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Owning a Pax 3 is like owning the iPhone of vaporizers (sorry not sorry, Android users). The Pax family are a force to be reckoned with. They employ speedy heat-up times, exquisite tasting vapor, prolonged battery life, portability, pocket-friendliness – amongst so many more! And all these phenomenal features are stored in a compact, sleek and robust unit. But for the Pax 3 to run like a well-oiled machine, it requires maintenance; that’s right – time to get cleaning, pal. 
Now not to worry, it's not like an episode of Kim and Aggie. You won’t need any yellow gloves or many cleaning tools; however, you will need some equipment. Fairy liquid and water won’t cut it. You can get yourself some cleaning solutions from our website – which you can find here – but, if for some reason, you cannot avail of those agents you can use some rubbing alcohol (not vodka); which you can get some from your local pharmacy or shop!

Get Your Tools

You may be asking yourself; well, how do I know if my Pax 3 needs a clean. Well, I have the answers for you. If you begin to see a build-up of liquid or oils in your Pax 3, clean it. If your Pax 3 is not preforming as well as it should, clean it. A clean Pax 3 is a happy Pax 3. Protect your investment! Have it running at its best. 
On to the important stuff! We want to ensure that you get tasty vapor every time. Cleaning a Pax 3 is super easy. All you need to do is care for the vapor path, oven screen, mouthpiece and heating chamber.

Steps to Success

Firstly, remove the oven lid and mouthpiece.
Firstly Open The Lid with Tools Provided
Once you have completed the first step, insert a pipe cleaner or cleaning brush (you should have received one with your Pax 3) from the top of unit to clean out any left-over residue in the vapor path. This process will also pop out the over screen from the bottom – don’t panic this is meant to happen.
Clean Out Any Left-Over Residue In The Vapor Path
To clean the over screen, mouthpiece and concentrate, place the 3 items into a jar with diluted rubbing alcohol (that’s rubbing alcohol and water, if you didn’t know – it's kinda like making cordial - but don’t drink this one, please, don’t drink this one). Soak these parts for no more than 30 mins; perhaps catch an episode of Friends whilst you wait! Once the 30 mins is over place the items on a paper-towel and allow them to dry. 
Screen, Mouthpiece, & concentrate, Place The 3 Items Into a Jar With Diluted Rubbing Alcohol
Soak These Parts For No More Than 30 Mins
To clean the heating chamber; grab a cotton-bud (those things you stick in your ear), dip into the rubbing alcohol and then swab the inside to ensure no residue is left behind. 
To Clean The Heating Chamber; Clean With Cotton Bud and Rubbing Alcohol
Dip Into The Rubbing Alcohol & Then Swab The Inside
Highest Heat Setting, Running Through A Couple Of Heat Cycles
Allow the Pax 3 to rest for a couple of minutes, then turn your Pax 3 to the highest heat setting, and let it run through a couple of heat cycles. After following these steps carefully, your Pax 3 should be squeaky clean! 
We recommend you brush your heating chamber after every usage with your Pax 3 cleaning brush. This will simply help get out any extra particles and prep for your next session. 

Happy Vaping and Happy Cleaning

That’s it really! If you follow these steps frequently and thoroughly, you and your Pax 3 will have the best time ever together. A match made in heaven. 
Clean your Pax 3 effectively so you can spend more time vaping and less time cleaning.