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How Much Does Temperature Affect Vaping Performance?

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NamasteVapes UK 04/08/2015

So you just bought the Mighty by Storz and Bickel, but you have no idea what temperature to set it at for best vaping. Does it really make a difference? The short answer is YES, but if you want to stick around for the long answer, read on to find out about different vaporizer temperatures, how they affect performance, and how you can be utilizing them to get the best experience out of your vape.

How Much Does Temperature Affect Performance


If you've wound up on this blog, you've probably asked yourself at least once before "How exactly does vape temperature make a difference? Well, here's how: Temperature has large effects on vapor production, flavor, as well as chemical breakdown depending on the type of aromatherapy products you are vaping on.

So, whats the difference between vaping on a low heat, versus vaping on a high heat? If you vape at a lower temperature, you can enjoy a cooler, lighter flavored vape session.  Your session will generally last longer, as you slowly utilize your material (think of it as low and slow - like good barbecue).  If you vape at a higher temperature, then you can get more vapor quickly, and a robust flavoring.  This results in shorter session as you are essentially speeding up the process, and essentially flash frying your herb.  A lower temperature for vaping is generally considered to be around 280-300'F/140-150'C, while high temperatures range anywhere from 390-415'F/200-210'C.  Go much higher than that, and you run the risk of introducing combustion into your chamber and burning your material which releases smoke, which kind of negates the whole premise of vaping in the first place. The goal is to hit a temperature that is neither too low, nor too high - but rather an optimal temperature in between that heats your herb quickly and efficiently while still maintaining good flavor and clean vapor. Generally speaking, a good range can be found around 350-390'F/175-200'C. 

So where do you start?  

First of all, vape temperature is mostly relative to the user's preference and the optimal temperature for the vaporizer that they own. However, there is some general guidelines we can give you to help you start that process!

Temperature plays a huge role in your Vaping experience

Step 1) Know your vape.

Does you vaporizer have pre-set temperatures, digital controls, manual controls, or breath-controls? (this will change how you go about furthering your temperature knowledge). 

Step 2) Read your manual.  

Your vaporizers will generally come with a suggested temperature/technique included in the manual to help your journey on finding what works best for you. Storz & Bickel devices even come with a herb guide, which gives you the optimal temperature for various popular dry herbs for vaping. Start with their suggestions!

Step 3) If In doubt, stick between 350-390'F/175-200'C

In our opinion, the space between 350-390'F/175-200'C is kind of like the Goldilocks zone for most dry herb. Sticking in this zone will give you smooth, tasty vapor and thick clouds, without having to worry about combustion. 

Step 4) Try out different options!

While good range is 350-390'F/175-200'C is a good place to start, when you get comfortable with your vape try out a few different temperature settings and see what works best for you. You can be rest assured in the knowledge that your vape will only go as high as it can handle, and the lowest temperature is a minimum baseline heating point to release all those active botanical compounds, so play around and see which works better for you and your vape! Every Vape is different, whether you're rocking a portable or a desktop Vaporizer, everyone's needs will be different. Try out a lower/higher temperature if you're curious, and remember that every vaporizer is different, and every user is different so the options are fairly endless!

Keep Calm.... Vape On!

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