How can CBD help you give up cigarettes?

on Sep 05, 2018

Waking up on a brisk autumn morning, there’s a strong sting of cold in the air, frost othe cars and grass, you can see your breath as you exhale and all you can think about is how, if you lit a cigarette up that mist from your breath could be replaced from some sweet, sweet tobacco smoke. You know how bad it is for you, but you can’t help satisfying that nagging craving from just one pull of a cigarette, you light up, inhale, exhale and you’re back. You finish that box, promise your significant other you’ll be off them come Monday and begin anew. You’ve tried all the methods, chewing gum, snapping an elastic band on your wrist every time you think of a cigarette, the patches, the nasal sprays, you’ve even gone cold turkey! So, what is left? Well, studies show that CBD is the new thing to help combat that dirty habit. But how? 

What is Nicotine?

To understand how CBD oil and products can help you in eliminating that dirty habit, you need to know what CBD is and how you became so grown to nicotine. Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death. If this major killer is preventable, then why do so many people smoke? Becoming addicted to nicotine is a hard habit to kick and nicotine is highly addictive. An addiction is defined by a strong desire to use a drug (be it nicotine, alcohol, caffeine etc) even in the face of negative health consequences. 

In short, when nicotine is administrated, a surge of endorphins are in the reward circuits of the brain that causes a slight, brief euphoria. The inhalation of tobacco and nicotine makes you feel good, that’s why it feels nice to smoke, even if you know the consequences related to it. Continuing your exposure to nicotine, becomes habitual and once it becomes a habit, it will soon enough turn into to an addiction or nicotine dependency. Your brain alters itself to know that this paper stick, stuffed with tobacco and other harmful chemicals makes you feel good making it super difficult to give up. Many people smoke but hate being smokers. When you’re travelling down the road of quitting, giving up and smoking again seems like a viable option but CBD or cannabidiol has the potential to turn nicotine addiction on its head in a safe manner.  

What is CBD? 

CBD is not a psychoactive like its friend, THC that is found in cannabis. This means that CBD will not alter your state of mind or get you high. CBD works by attaching itself to receptors in your body, influencing it to use more of its own cannabinoids. CBD is a relatively new star to burst through the cannabis world. Researchers, people in the medical field and scientists are still working at breaking down its (many) benefits and proper usage for the oil. Many people can not stop professing the benefits they have experienced from using CBD Oil and in particular, many athletes claim CBD to be magnificent for recovery. CBD oil has been tested and aids active smokers to reduce cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms and reduce smoking cues.  

A study? And ways to use CBD 

If you ‘smoke’ CBD oil through a vaporizer it doesn’t burn as hot as a cigarette does. In fact, it doesn’t burn at all. Using a vaporizer to consume CBD means the oil is heated up to a certain and precise temperature to ensure burning doesn’t happen. research study showed that over 40% of smokers felt they didn’t crave it as much after using CBD. Participants who wanted to give up smoking were given either 800mg of CBD or a placebo and found that those prescribed the CBD reduced their “salience and pleasantness of cigarette cues”  

CBD can be obtained through a few various methods. You can vape it, place a few drops under your tongue, place a few drops in your water even spray it directly into your mouth.  

Can it help? 

Since the world is still in the early stages of testing CBD, merely using the substance to help reduce your cravings is a step in the right direction. From studies and research conducted from various institutions, you can see that it does help. It will be exciting to see the development of CBD products in the struggle to help people quit the smokes.  

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