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Health Benefits of Vaporizers

on Aug 03, 2016

Vaporizers UK - Are there any health benefits?

In this day and age, the majority of us are now more than ever aware of the potential health risks that comes with smoking and the long term affects it poses to our health. With more and more people each day striving to improve their quality of life and health, the popularity of vaporizers of all types, from pens to desktops to portables, has exploded in recent years. This increase in the popularity of vaping is largely down to the health benefits associated with it in comparison to traditional smoking. Early research indicates that a number of promising health benefits are available for people using vaporizers over smoking herbs or tobacco.

Vaping has entered into the mainstream media and has become so popular that a number of experts are recommending it to that individuals looking to give up smoking. Decades of research on smokeless tobacco use points us in the direction that smoke free products are low risk to your health. However this does not confirm that it is completely harmless, but it does mean that any risks associated are minimal. Check out our wide range of vaporizers right here, you're sure to find something which matches your vaping needs!

NamasteVapes UK would recommend the use of vaporizers for the following reasons  (please keep in mind this hardly covers all the benefits but its a start for those new to the ever expanding Vape scene):

  • The aromatherapy which is inhaled when using a vaporizer is virtually harmless to your lungs. (Toxins which are released through traditional methods of smoking are not found in vaporization).
  • Vaporizing is a much more efficient way to use your materials - use less than one third of the blend you'd normally consume with traditional methods. 
  • Vaporizers can be used with company with many people opting to buy the Volcano Digital as it is perfect for having a session with your mates! Also, because no harmful by-product is being released into the air, vaporizers can be used in a variety of social settings.
  • The UK Vaporizer scene is really beginning to kick off, however many users will still find the need and want to vape discreetly. As opposed to traditional methods of consumption of materials, vaping actually produces little to no smell or aroma. 

We here at NamasteVapes pride ourselves on offering the best of the best when it comes to all things vaping-related. Check out our massive range of vaporizers right here!

NamasteVapes UK | Highly Recommended

Have a browse through our wide range of vaporizers right here! Most vaporizers are generally unique in their own way and many with differing functions and uses, so it definitely is helpful to d your research before commiting! See below some of our highly recommended products, all guaranteeing great results! 

Pax 2 by Ploom

Pax 2 Vaporizer NamasteVapesThis is the vaporizer that does not need an introduction, but I'm going to give it one regardless. 'Cos it deserves it. The Pax 2 is the successor to the ever popular Pax original, and Ploom (the manufacturers) have produced a worthy successor. The PAX 2 has a better battery than the Pax 3, improved heating and cooling systems and LED indicators which makes the Pax 2 Vaporizer stand out from the rest of the vaporizers on the market.

The Plenty by Storz&Bickel 

Plenty Vaporizer NamasteVapes UKFrom the creators of some of the most well known and popular Vaporizers out there, Storz&Bickel have produced an economically priced, powerful and robust hand-held vaporizer. The Plenty Vaporizer offers all the virtues that are familiar to users of other Storz&Bickel products (namely the Volcano original). If you are searching for a semi-portable vaporizer that does not skimp on vapor quality, then this is the device for you!

The Ascent by DaVinci

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Made by DaVinci, the Ascent Vaporizer represents the latest in vaporizer technology. The Davinci Ascent Vaporizer has a digital temperature control system that lets the user to adjust the temperature with ease and precision. The glass mouthpiece is removable and that makes it easier to transport and make sure that only the best tasting vapor is made because of the all-glass pathway. The Ascent vape has a sleek and subtle design, which makes it a great choice for discreet vapers out there!

The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer 

Haze V3 Vaporizer Haze Technologies has improved upon their original innovative Haze V2 and V2.5. The Haze V3 Vaporizer is an extremely popular option due to it being able to cover all bases with regards to any user's vaping needs! Like its predecessors, the Haze V3 features a pair of heating chambers to vaporizer dry blends, thick aromatherapy concentrates and/or aroma oil. The Haze V3 is an all rounder and the versatility and discreetness makes it an ever-popular choice for vapers out there!

All Vaporizers 

Still haven't decided on a vape that meets your needs yet? Wander over this direction and take a look at our wide range of vaporizers here! 

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