The Haze Square Vaporizer - The Best of All Worlds

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Haze Square Vaporizer
Did you ever think you could find a vape that would let you vape four different materials at once? Well, the Haze Square lets you do just that. The Square is a superb vaporizer that has taken vaping to a whole new level, in every area from user accessibility, to vapor quality and functionality.
Not only does the Haze Square have all of the best features from the Haze V3, it manages to add a whole host of outstanding extra features that will blow you away. The Haze Square has it all- a four can rotating plate that can vaporize all kinds of herbs, a small and convenient design, a rapid heat up time, and smooth delicious flavours that mark this vape out as being one of a kind.
The Haze has managed to improve upon nearly every vaping technological advance to deliver a product that is a champion amongst vapes.


What separates the Haze Square from the rest of the competition is that it manages to vaporize herbs, concentrates, and oils with an equal level of efficiency. The Haze Square comes with an innovative ceramic heating chamber and rotating plate which can fit in 4 cans of herbs or oils at the same time.
The rotating plate also has the ability to switch between canisters, and so, this allows you to shift between herbs and concentrates in a matter of seconds. Another great benefit of the 4 canister system is that you won't have to keep reloading your herb and messing around with your vape.
This system ensures that you'll experience the maximum level of efficiency and enjoyment from your vaporizer. While many vape pens and pen vaporizers are a let down when it comes to ease of use, every aspect of the Haze Square is dedicate to ease of use and innovative funtionality. 


The design of the Haze is sleek and compact, with an outer shell constructed out of durable aluminium. Inside, stainless steel plates and a ceramic mouthpiece ensure your vapor stays cool and flavorful, while preserving active botanicals at their optimum temperature.
When not in use, the ceramic mouthpiece can be safely stored inside the Haze to prevent any breakages that might occur, while a silicon gasket creates an airtight seal which prevents any vapor leaking out of your device.
The temperature settings are located at the top of the unit, ranging from 179°C to 210°C to cater for all vapor tastes. A micro chip USB ensures that you'll always have easy access to charging facilities, and with just 45 minutes to reach full charge, this is a great vape for on-the-go use. 


The Haze performs brilliantly with a rapid heat up system of less than six seconds for lower temperatures, and less than a minute to reach higher temperatures. A vibration system will alert you once your vape has hit the correct temperature, and notify you when your chamber needs a refill.
As far as portable vapes go, the taste from the Haze Square is exceptional thanks to great convection energy which means you'll avoid combustion altogether. Unlike some other portable models that use conduction heating (which is much cheaper and easier to utilize in portable devices) this convection technology and high-quality materials used in the construction of the Haze Square eliminate any chance of combustion. 



In nearly every area the Haze Square manages to out perform many other portable vaporizers, from user accessibility to vapor production. Unlike other portable vapes that are limited in terms of performance and functionality the Haze excels in all areas, with the ability to vaporize all materials with the click of a button giving you a next-level vaping experience.
The Haze Square is a great choice for newbie vapers and experienced users alike, who want to invest in a true convection portable vape without breaking the bank - because you should never have to sacrifice your wallet for great quality.