Grinders for Vaporizers What you need to know!

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Hi guys, today we're going to be talking about why you need to get a grinder for your vaporizer! It is absolutely critical to have at least a decent little grinder to make the most of your vaporizer. Generally speaking, vaporizers work best when the material is ground to a medium to fine consistency. Some vaporizers need a little finer grind while some work better with a coarse grind, but for the most part just having the herbs ground up is super important! There are a couple exceptions to this rule there are a few vapes that can work with whole buds (Grizzly Guru) or hand torn material (Firefly or Firefly 2) but here's why you're going to need a grinder!

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers

All dry herb vaporizers will have a chamber that is used to pack your material in. Different vapes have different heating technology (convection or conduction) but the way the heat is distributed throughout your herbs is really important. Having the herbs ground up before putting in the chamber allows for maximum exposure to the heat source and the most even extraction of the vapor possible. You'll start with your material having its normal green consistency and throughout the session your ground herbs will change to a brown color and lose their moisture due to the vapor being produced. The end result is a nice evenly vaped bowl with nice light to mid-brown ABV (Already been Vaped) herbs.

2 Part Grinders

2 Part Grinders

In general most grinders will fall in to one of three categories: 2-Part, 3-Part or 4-Part. This refers to the number of components that build up the stack of the grinder. So a basic 2-part grinder is just a top and a bottom with the teeth in-between. When you use a 2 part grinder the more you turn the grinder the dinner your material will become. When the herbs reach the consistency you're after you'll need to dump out the contents of the grinder on a table or storage container in order to load your vaporizer. 2-Part grinders are the simplest to use but also the messiest! 

3 Part Grinders

SLX Grinder

3-Part grinders will have small holes under the teeth of the grinder that will allow your herbs to fall through when they reach the right consistency. So a 3-Part grinder will offer a level of control over the consistency and size of the herb that falls through in to a storage area below (hence the extra part) that will hold your herbs for safe storage. Three part grinders a great for a consistently even result and the fact that you don't have do dump everything out and have the nice little container build-in is a huge bonus! We'd recommend anyone getting a small 3-part grinder over a large 2-part for this reason. 

4 Part Grinders

Lastly, 4-part grinders /collections/grinders have another section that separates the ground material from the pollen that is collected from the process. When your material is being ground up, the agitation of the material causes small crystals (commonly known as Pollen) to fall of the leaves and in a 3-part grinder they would be mixed up in the dry herbs. The 4 part grinder has a small screen separating the dry herb compartment from another secondary compartment below where the small crystals fall through and can be collected and used for various other applications.

Hope you found this helpful you should check out our selection of Grinders and herbal vaporizers online and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!