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Get on the Grind! | Top Grinders UK

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

A tradesman is only as good as his tools, and here at Namaste we take this literally, only providing the best products out there on the market to give you a truly incredibly experience. Grinders are no exception, no matter what you prefer, bongs or vaporizers, all need a good herb grinder to get the best results, and we have a range of fantastic grinders on our site which you can visit here.

Grinders are an essential tool in a smoker's arsenal to break up your herbs into sizeable pieces to make them easier to burn and to avoid wastage. Namaste has had a makeover recently and what better way to celebrate that than to introduce to you to a variety of new products that haven't just captured our hearts but have taken the world by storm.  

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder  


This is our newest addition to our grinder collection here at Namaste and the whole team here has fallen in love with it! From its build and design to its performance and feel, it ticks all the right boxes! Made from 61/60 Anodized food grade Aluminum, this grinder is just about ready for anything, no matter what you enjoy doing, Kannastor have built an incredible piece of kit you simply can't miss out on! On top of all that it includes lid storage, so you can store your herbs and grind on the go! While generally more expensive compared to your typical grinder, when you compare the quality between the Kannastor and other herb grinders out there, there isn't much room for argument when we say that if you buy a GR8TR grinder you will be making a lifetime investment, with a quality piece of kit why would you want anything else? Shop now!

SLX 2.0 Non-Stick Pocket Grinder 


This is another herb grinder we have at Namaste which has taken the world by storm. It's non-stick coating to prevent your herbs from sticking to the wall of the grinder makes it one of the most innovative designs out there. As if that wasn't enough the SLX 2.0 has a grand total of 55 trapezoid teeth which is more than your typical grinder and even has an ultra-high-grade sifter! The SLX Grinder like the Kannastor is quite expensive but it is also a worthwhile investment and is one of the top tools to have in your smoking kit. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors we mean it when we say there is literally one for everyone! Shop now!

Chewy 2 Grinder 


Chewy have made their mark in the smoking community making an electric herb grinder. You'd think they couldn't out do themselves, but they have with the Chewy 2! Straying away from plastic the Chewy 2 is made from aluminum for extra durability making it ready for any knocks and bumps it may have along the way! It's compact, incredibly portable and has an excellent battery life making it one of the leading herb grinders on the market at the moment. Chewy has done the impossible, making an already fantastic grinder even better by coming out with the Chewy! Take it from us, you won't be disappointed. You can get your very own Chewy 2 Grinder here.

Cali Crusher Grinder 

Cali Crusher

Another grinder that has captured our hearts is the Cali Crusher, coming in 4 colors you won't be stuck for choice! Made from aerospace medical grade aluminum and coming with a lifetime warranty you couldn't get much better than this! With improved design the base chamber has been deepened to store more of your favorite herbs. Along with this you get a guitar pick scraper to get the residue at the end of your grinder to make the most out of your herbs. Cali Crusher has been on the market since 2010 and have established themselves in the smoking community for creating high quality grinders coming in a variety of styles so you'll never be stuck for choice!

Santa-Cruz Shredder 

Santa Cruz

As said earlier herb grinders are a standard piece of kit in any smoker's arsenal and the Santa-Cruz Shredder is no exception. With an anodized finish this grinder is resilient against scratches and tooth damage making it one of the most durable and reliable grinders on the market right now. Coming in four sizes it is suited for any smoker whether you prefer one session or 5 the Santa-Cruz Shredder is the herb grinder for you. It performs as well as it looks giving you evenly ground herbs making your session as enjoyable as possible. 

If like myself when you started smoking you bought a relatively inexpensive herb grinder, which proved to be a lot more hassle than what it's worth. The grinders we've listed here are a lifelong investment that will not disappoint you, all made from high quality materials, should you choose to buy one of these herb grinders you'll wonder why you didn't buy one earlier, so what are you waiting for? Get on that grind now! 

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