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Genius by Name, Genius by Nature

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Hyperbole is an important marketing tool. You don’t get anywhere in the market by being meek and playing it safe, you’re going to swing from the light fittings, trumpeting the finest features of your product. A lot of people know this, and they have adjusted their expectations accordingly. This over-saturation of hyperbole has led to the devaluing of certain words.

‘Genius’ is one of those words. However, there are still things out there that earn their accolades honestly, with no exaggeration. The Genius pipe is one such product. It is a truly genius pipe, no hyperbole. Promise.

Cooling Power

The Genius pipe is genius. It’s genius in name, it’s genius in nature, and genius in design. It packs a huge amount of cooling into its small and sleek design. The metal plates that surround its air path are cast into a grid of dimples that whip the air that passes over it into a flurry of micro vortices. These vortices offer cooling above and beyond that which could be achieved by a normal metal pipe. The vortices don’t just cool your herb, they also purify it, with each hit filtering out up to 95% of the tar and resin, for an overall smoother and better experience. This is arguably as good as a bong!

Genius pipe

Compact and Discreet

The Genius pipe is held together with magnets, which makes it incredibly easy pipe to clean and store. When the time comes to clean your pipe all you need to do is slide it apart and wipe it with some cleaning solution. Another great factor of the magnetic locking system means that you can prepack a bowl and trust the genius to keep it safe until you want to use it. When that time comes, simply slide the pipe open and spark up!

Stylish Minimalism

The Genius pipe was designed with Zen philosophy in mind. It is a sleek simple device that comes in a huge range of attractive and stylish finishes. If aesthetics matter to you at all then the genius is the last word in style.

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