G Pen Elite vs. G Pro Grenco Science Comparison Review

on Jul 06, 2016

Hi guys, hope you're great! Today's review is going to talk about the new G Pen Elite vaporizer from Grenco Science and how it compares to their very popular vape the G Pro. At first I thought that the G Pen Elite was going to be a newer upgraded version of the G Pro, but to be honest there is so much difference between them that I would not even put them in the same category. Was not a huge fan of the G Pro personally as I found the vapor to be hot and the flavor not great, but with the G Pen Elite, Grenco Science took it to a whole new level! So lets get in to it!

The G Pro Vape

The G Pro vaporizer from Grenco Science is a low cost, reliable vaporizer that performs well for the price and is very simple to use. The unit has a plastic body and a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery. The G Pro charges through USB as does the G Pen Elite as well. The G Pro has a single button on the unit which is used to turn it On and Off as well as making adjustments to the set temperature. To turn the unit on you press the button 5 times quickly. Once the unit turns on you will see an LED light below which indicates the current temperature setting. Ironically, and I've made this mistake twice now. Red is the LOWEST, then Green is middle an Blue is the Hottest! Very strange I think but that is the case nonetheless. The unit takes a couple of minutes to heat up which feels like a lifetime in comparison with the G Pen Elite. The chamber on the G Pro is stainless steel and quite large. You can pack the chamber up let the unit heat up then begin to vape. The use of the G Pro is very simple and quite reliable and vapor production is pretty decent.

G Pro Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a whole other beast. The unit is much smaller and stealthier and much, much sexier than the G Pro. The casing of the Elite has soft touch as well as glossy surfaces that seem to work so well together and if feels AMAZING to hold in your hand! So right out of the box the unit looks very impressive and is super slick. Then on the front of the unit you have one button. Press the button 5 times and the vape will turn on with the small G Logo lighting up on the bottom. Again something about the way the light on the logo comes on is very cool. You'd be very surprised as you might not see it, but once the unit is turned on there is a small screen on the side of the unit under the body that shows you the current temperature and battery life. Just above this there are two very small buttons that act as +/- in order to make temperature adjustments. Once you select the temperature press the power button for a second and you will see the temperature fly up. The G Pen Elite heats up really really really fast! I love the way the + and - buttons are designed to tie in with the style and shape of the unit, the amount of attention to esthetics and details with this vaporizer is very impressive. Another massive benefit to the G Pen Elite is how much more portable it is in comparison to the G Pro. The G Pen Elite is a true portable Vaporizer, where the G Pro acts and feels like a Desktop sometimes! (An exaggeration but you get my drift!)

The chamber of the G Pen Elite is fully ceramic. This is a huge upgrade from the G Pro. I'm a big believer in ceramics use for vape heating chambers because its pure and the flavor is superior to that of a stainless steal heating chamber. The chamber itself is also massive and clocks in at 0.75 grams and is the largest chamber size of all portable vapes. What was really nice is that I found I did not have to pack the chamber full as well which is common on other vapes like the Pax 2 or Vapium summit for example. Who wants to pack nearly a gram in the chamber every time they use it! The unit will produce great tasting vapor and a high amount of vapor output. I've tested slow short draws and long draws and found the unit to work well with both. My only complaint about this vaporizer really is that the mouthpiece gets kind of hot. This is not a huge deal though for me. The mouthpiece of the Grasshopper for example gets much hotter. The Elite tip gets warm but if you move your lips a little further up it helps mitigate that. I'm sure we'll be seeing some silicone sleeves or new upgraded mouthpieces from Genco Science on this soon! 

 G Pen Elite Vaporizer UK

G Pen Vape Concluson

Overall this is a really great vape. Its super sexy and portable, it feels good and looks good even better it works great! really there is no comparison between the G Pen Elite and the G Pro they are lightyears apart. The G Pro has its place as a good quality, low cost vape but the G Pen Elite has set a new standard for Grenco science and I think really puts them on the map with a top quality high performance vaporizer! Thats it guys, thats my rant for today, hope you found this info helpful! If you have any questions please feel free to post or contact us and please remember to check out my reviews on our NamasteVapes™ Youtube channel!

Peace and Blessings.


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