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Everything you wanted to know about the Arizer Solo

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Portable Vape | Namaste Vapes

The Arizer Solo is a very powerful and easy to use vaporizer that is intended for all vaporists and capable of heating up in any weather conditions. With a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery powering a ceramic heating element it is equipped to generate vapor in under 2 minutes. The vapor is then ready to be drawn out through the superbly crafted glass stem.

Very capable even with its small size the Arizer Solo will have you generating massive clouds of vapor. The Solo's unique characteristics propelled it to the top of the vaporizer ladder in a very short period of time.  One of its main selling points was the temperature control with 7 distinctive temperature settings going from 50°c up to 210°c.

If you're searching for a fantastic vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand then the Arizer Solo is unquestionably a smart decision. With a conservative build comprising of a rock solid and robust external shell the Solo is protected from scratches and general everyday wear and tear.

The heating element is encompassed in a strong encasing ensuring that it will not easily break. This gives an additional layer of strength not found in other vaporizers in the same price range. Should anything happen you can rest assured that Arizer offers a very agreeable warranty. The ceramic heating element is backed by a lifetime warranty so you know you are getting that was well made and meant to last a long time. The Arizer solo vaporizer comes in Black and Silver and both are currently in stock.

Can the Arizer solo be used while charging?

Yes it can!  The new model of the Arizer Solo allows you to vape while charging, how nice is that?.  If you want to get huge clouds set the unit to level 7 and let it heat up for a little bit.  Upon arriving at this temperature put some of your finely ground aromatherapy blends into the draw stem and insert the glass draw stem into the Arizer Solo.  Then begin to draw slowly from the stem.  When you insert the stem into the base of the unit it may feel as though the glass will break, the heat will marginally stretch the chamber and permit enough space for the stem to fit snugly inside.  This is only an issue with brand new Arizer Solos and going forward the draw stem will fit into the Solo easily without having to force it. Re-charge your vaporizer frequently to be sure that your Solo is prepared for vaporization. 

How to use the Arizer solo vaporizer?

Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Portable Vape | Namaste Vapes

Many customers find that drawing from the Solo is like drinking milk shake;; however there are a few simple techniques for getting gigantic billows of vapor.  Set the vaporizer to the desired temperature, the numbers will light up as that temperature is reached.  To abstain from spilling aromatherapy blend while embedding the draw stem, hold the unit upside down and join it with the stem.  Flip the unit right side up and wait about fifteen prior seconds breathing in.

Now draw for about ten seconds and you will be making tasty clouds of vapor all day long.  For arguably the the best portable vape of this generation you will not be disappointed with the vapor it is able to produce consistently and quickly.  The Arizer Solo is outfitted with a twelve minute auto-shutoff feature to save battery life.  Also, you can come back to the last temp setting you used by pressing the down button for five seconds.  Overall this is great especially when you consider the price.  Other comparable portable vaporizers sell for much more.  Thanks for reading, leave any questions or comments you might have in the comment section below.

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