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DynaVap’s M Vaporizer Guide

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

A vaping experience that never ends because you will never run out of battery life!

DynaVap M Vaporizer

With the ’DynaVap M’ you have complete control over how long you wish to vape. Portable dry herb vaporizers, for the most part, contain a battery that on average will take a couple of hours to charge and depending on usage, last for a few sessions.

With the ‘DynaVap M’ there are no batteries, no charging ports, no running out of power. Ever. This portable and affordable vaporizer, quickly heats dry herb, using ANY heat source.

Simply pack the chamber with your material, place the cap back on top and heat it for a few seconds using a mini butane torch. You can also use a simple household lighter if necessary.  

When the herb is heated to its optimum temperature in the stainless steel chamber, a ‘click’ sound is emitted from the device’s internal thermostat letting you know it is ready for vaping.  

No more worrying about battery life. No more searching for an electricity port. The ‘DynaVap M’ vaporizer saw a gap in the market and has revolutionized the vaping industry.  


Designed, engineered and manufactured in the US, The ‘DynaVap M’ is the brainchild of vaping enthusiast and founder, George R Breiwa. A quality dry herb vaporizer designed for both high performance and durability in equal measure.  

 A sturdy, solid vaporizer, all parts of this device from the mouthpiece to the tip, the stem and the condenser, are all engineered from medical-grade stainless steel. This battery-free vaporizer is clearly made to last.

Discretion too is another quality of the ‘DynaVap M’, although made from stainless steel, it is light to carry, compact, and fits perfectly into your hand at 92mm. 

Displaying subtle differences from its predecessors, the ‘DynaVap M’ has been enhanced by a new ribbed design at the center of the device allowing for an easier grip when heating.  

Another improvement from the previous version is the larger air hole on the device, all of which leads to greater performance, providing a more memorable user experience.  

DynaVap M Vaporizer

Heating & Temperature

‘DynaVap’s M’ utilizes both convection and conduction heating technology, allowing for even heat distribution. When the cap is heated this initiates conduction heating, followed by convection heating as the warm air passes through the herb. Finally, the vape flows through the condenser which acts as a heat exchanger, condensing and cooling the vape before it reaches the mouthpiece.  

The temperature ranges between 350°F - 400°F. Heating the very top of the cap prior to the ‘click’ will result in a temperature of approximately 350°. Heating closer to the bottom of the cap prior to the click will result in a temperature closer to 400°.  

Engineered with a triple helix on the outer stainless steel tip increases service area for better heat transfer allowing for even heat exchange to create perfect AVB.  


‘DynaVap’s M’ provides everything you could want from a portable vaporizer and much more. What strikes you immediately is the heat up time which when using a butane torch takes a mere few seconds - unheard of in the vaping market.  

Creating a fine balance between incredible flavor, aromas and pure vaping quality, the ‘DynaVap’s M’ is sure to please all vaping enthusiasts from the beginner to the vaping regular.  

There is fantastic draw resistance with the improved larger air hole resulting in greater volume in the draws. This latest development from ‘DynaVap’ is also constructed with ‘fins’ to allow the vape to cool down even further before hitting your lungs providing smoother hits every time.

DynaVap M Vaporizer

How To Use

Thankfully the ‘DynaVaps M’ is incredibly easy to use. Here are the 5 simple steps:  

1)Remove the cap and fill the chamber with dry herb. (TIP: Leave a small gap when filling to allow for air diffusion)

2) Once the chamber is practically full with dry herb, the cap is then replaced.

3) Turn on your mini torch lighter (or any lighter) and begin to heat the center of the cap, continuously turning the vaporizer clockwise or anticlockwise all the time.

4) After a few seconds, you will hear a ‘click’ sound indicating it has reached its ideal temperature.

5) Stop heating. Your device is ready for vaping.

When you hear the second ‘click’ after approximately 30 seconds of vaping this means it has cooled and is ready to be heated again for another session if required.


Discreet, affordable and portable, the ‘DynaVaps M’ is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. For those who like to escape from the world for a few days whether that be a trip through a forest, hiking, fishing, camping, you name it, the ‘DynaVap’s M’ will allow you to vape anywhere with the comfort of not having to return to civilization to recharge.

The ‘DynaVap’s M’ is also compatible with water pipes. An attachment can be placed on the mouthpiece and then put into a water piece for even cooler vaping if desired.  

Combining efficiency, simplicity, and affordability, the ‘DynaVap M’ is a quality dry herb vaporizer every vaping enthusiast needs to add to their collection as a must!  

The fun shouldn't stop just because the batteries did and with the ‘DynaVap M’, the fun will never stop.


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