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Dabbing VS Vaping - Which is better?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Dabbing VS Vaping

The huge amount of people that have begun vaporizing and dabbing herbal is the direct result of users seeking a healthier and more cost effective way to get their buzz delivered to them. But with so many different products out there in the marketplace users should take care about which ones they decide to use. And not only should users be aware of the products that they use they should know how to use these products.

There is no point in somebody getting a product and then charging in without any real forethought- such actions lead to disasters that you may come to regret. The first thing any self respecting vaping or dabbing enthusiast should do is educate themselves on the device which they plan to use. For example, there are many different kinds of dabbing devices out there, some better than others, and if you don't know what you're at when dabbing this can lead to a whole host of problems.

Similarly, there is a myriad of vaporizers which all operate in different fashions, and if you don't know how to use them properly this can result in some nasty experiences. If you're buying concentrates for health reasons you must take note of the fact that the heat may adversely effect the quality of the herbal. There are so many different factors that all need to be taken into the equation when purchasing either a vaporizer or a dabbing device, and this is where this blog comes in.

What this blog hopes to achieve is to clear up the grey areas, to blow away the smoke, and give you a clear example of how to use both products.  Once you have the knowledge that you need you can be safe knowing that you can enjoy your herbal at your leisure.


Popular Vaporizers

When attempting to weigh up the health risks of vaping and dabbing the first thing you need to consider is what heating method you intend to use. There are two main ways in which you can heat up your herbs: Conduction and convection. Both of these methods have their own pros and cons, and some produce more flavourful vapes than the other. 

Conductive heating is the method that is usually used when employing the dabbing technique.  What users normally do is heat a rig nail and then proceed to place the oil on the spot where you are using the conductive heating which acts to produce the smoke. Convection heating is what is more commonly used in vaporizers. 

How this technique works is it heats the air in the chamber of the vaporizer  and this acts to vaporizer your herbs or concentrates. The benefits of using the convection technology is that it ensures that all of your herbs are heated up evenly  and that the vape that you'll receive will be flavourful and consistent. 

Some vaporizers do use the conduction method, but when using this method there is an increased chance of combustion and I can promise you there is nothing worse in this world than wasted herbal. Nobody likes to throw money in the trash can, buy if you don't follow proper vaporizing procedure this may well just happen. 


Dabbing has gotten bad publicity in the press because some over enthusiastic  novices have virtually exploded their houses when going for a dab. When using a very hot heating element you MUST be very cautious and take every precaution to prevent any accidents occurring.

Always ensure that when going for a dab that you do so in a safe place .  Another thing about dabbing is that the THC you'll receive can sometimes be 4 times higher than what you might get from a vaporizer or joint and this can lead to difficulties.  What I would suggest is to only take a very small dab when starting off, give it time, and then see how it effects you.   

I promise you, there is nothing worse then taking too much herbal having some nasty experience that will put you off the plant for a lifetime. I repeat, only take small dabs when starting out- play it safe and enjoy your herbal.



IF you're looking to use some of these devices for purely health reasons well then convection heating is the best option for you.  The reason why convection is superior to other methods is because you are not actually burning your herbs and so this will result in reduced toxins entering your bloodstream.

Some studies have shown that convection reduces the amount of carcinogens in your body by as much as 87.6%- and this has resulted in healthier and happier users of herbal. Everyone knows that traditional methods of using your herbal are getting more and more outdated by the second, and with the health benefits of vaporizers set to get even more impressive we can expect a huge influx of people shifting to vaporizers. 

One things that you should be aware of is that if you turn the temperature up really high this will result in a reduced quality in your vape. What you're actually doing when heating your herbal really high is that you're igniting the herbal and resulting in more carcinogenics entering your bloodstream. One of the harmful by-products that is produced when you vape at temperatures as high as 365degrees is Benzene, which has been shown to be bad for your overall health.


Both methods have their pros and cons, and sometimes one method can work better than the other. On a personal basis I'd always side with the vaporizers for the overall comfort and peace it affords users. With a vaporizer, your THC levels wont be off the Richter Scale and so you shouldn't experience any nasty experiences.

I also found that using a dab rig was quite a chore, and whilst some people might like getting their blow torch, nail, and dabs  out, I personally found it an irritant. The comfort level that vaporizers offer by simply kicking back, getting your vape out, and enjoying a few puffs is incomparable to dabbing.

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