Crafty Vaporizer Review

on Aug 20, 2018

About The Crafty Vaporizer  

Hard hitting, pocketable and vapor quality are the top three things that should come to your mind when you think about the Crafty Vaporizer. One of the smallest vaporizers on the market, it still maintains superior vapor quality and is a trusted brand from the German manufacturers Storz and Bickel.  


Features Of The Crafty Vaporizer   

Materials used in the make-up include: 

- Heat-resistant and food-grade plastic 

- The aluminum heater 

- A small amount of stainless steel inside the bowl 

There is no glass present in the Crafty, yet it is still a premium-class vaporizer due to the high-quality materials.  

Weight And Size 

The Crafty measures a mere 4.3” in height x 2.2”in width x 1.3”in diameter and weighs only 135 grams. It might be slightly larger than the MLFB or the PAX 2, but still smaller in comparison to most average sized portable vaporizers.  


The design on this vaporizer is extremely discreet. It does not appear like the standard vaping devices, when out in public spaces most people wont even notice it. However, the Crafty does take long to heat which can take anything from 90 to 120 seconds.  

The Smell 

This vaporizer has the ability to create massive clouds of vapor, and this significant vapor clouds will obviously produce a smell that is more noticeable. If the odor is a problem for you, then only take small sips and more controlled draws opposed to inhaling heavily.  

The Battery 

This is probably one of the main downfalls of the Crafty Vaporizer. When you first use the device, you may get 4 to 5 bowls out of it, but the batteries do degrade fast, where you will start to only get 3 maybe 4 bowls out. In addition, you cannot swap the batteries out for cheaper batteries if you would like to retain your warranty, and additional batteries from Storz and Bickel will set you back $75.    


Storz and Bickel is known as the only manufacturer of vaporizers that offers 3rd party safety certifications and government medical-certifications. 

Air Path And Heating Element 

The Crafty features lots of plastic, and even though this might scare away the health-conscious vapers, it is important to keep in mind that there are various plastic types. The plastic in this vaporizer is heat-resistant and food-safe.  


The Best features Of The Crafty  

The beauty about this type of vaporizer is that you get to choose how you would like to use it. For example, you don’t always have to try and achieve those powerful clouds. You can choose to sip on the device by taking controlled and small draws. But you may be wondering how this compact and cute vape can be so durable and powerful? 

The reason behind the powerful design is that Storz and Bickel have achieved a highly efficient heating element. If you are looking for the most visible and densest clouds, grind your herbs finely but not into a powder and then fill the bowl up 90%. But if you prefer flavor more then do not crush up your herbs too finely. 

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