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Could Vaporizers Reduce Number of Smokers in the UK?

on Sep 14, 2018


Can vaporizers really reduce the number of smokers in the UK? Perhaps it should. Recently Public Health England urged many people to make the switch to vaporizers.

They even went so far as to suggest that hospitals should begin selling them. While they were specifically talking about nicotine cigarettes there is evidence to suggest that regular smokers of cannabis should switch over to vaping.  

Why choose to Vape? 

There are quite a number of reasons you should consider making the change from regular joints to a vaporizer. For a start, and this is probably the most important, vaping generally gives out much stronger hits than regular smoking.

When you vape you’re getting nothing but the pure vapor of cannabis and completely avoid the smoke, this smoke is what results from the combustion of dry herb and is filled with carcinogens.

While there are some vaporizers which can causes a combustion effect, a solid convection vaporizer will significantly reduce this possibility. Carcinogens, present also in nicotine cigarettes, are linked to various forms of cancer and lung damage. 

Stained Teeth, Ew 

Female Smoker With Yellow Teeth

Another reason to consider making the switch to a vaporizer is entirely cosmetic. But we’ve all had people in our lives with yellowed teeth, and sometimes even fingers, from years of smoking.

This is caused by the build-up of carcinogens over the years. Vaping negates this effect because of the lack of carcinogens. Plus, vapor does significantly less damage to the inside of your mouth than smoking does and is less likely to cause you oral problems in the future.  

More Choice 

One of the best things about choosing to vape instead of smoke is that you simply have more choice than you do with smoking. Vaping presents the options of dry herbs, concentrates, shatter, dabbing and who knows what they’ll think of next.

What’s more is that all these options are incredibly potent so you’re going to be getting far more bang for your buck.  

A Growing Market 

With more people than ever turning to cannabis and CBD for their medicinal issues the potential for a growing cannabis is undeniable. Vaping cannabis can no longer be considered a subcultural activity once your granny starts vaping for her arthritis.

And more power to her. But what this means is that there’ll be more people offering even more choice, more options, and generally more value. Plus, need we remind you, it’s actually much better for you. 

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