Colorado Day

on Jul 30, 2018

Colorado Day 

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It’s Colorado Day! 

You’d be forgiven for not knowing but on the 1st August this year (and every year, actually) there’s a celebration in the United States in honour of a very special state. What state, I hear you ask, well, it’s Colorado, good sir/madam. And while that probably doesn’t seem on the surface of it to be very important to an upstanding citizen of not-the-United-States, such as you or I, it actually does warrant a bit of attention.  

Why Should You Care 

Located in the western half of the United States of America and won from the Mexicans following the Mexican-American War (along with a quarter of the modern U.S.), Colorado might not seem worthy of attention. But this beautiful state should be of special significance for those of us around the world who hope for the decriminalization/legalization/proliferation and general flourishing of cannabis.  

Since January 2014, Colorado has completely legalized cannabis. That means that it is 100% legal to buy and sell cannabis. What’s more is that despite the short-sighted views of many more conservative pundits, the entire state didn’t devolve into some Mad Max-esque apocalyptic wasteland. Instead the economy is thriving, and the cannabis boom has brought added revenue with many visitors engaged in “cannabis tourism.” Yeah, you read that right, people are travelling there specifically to get high. Free from persecution.  

A Shiny Green Beacon 

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What Colorado offers to the rest of the world is a shining example of what the future holds when we give cannabis a chance instead of viewing it as something to be feared or repressed. Already around the world we’ve seen changes, both incremental and massive. In Canada, this July they passed Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, which has effectively legalized cannabis across the nation.  

This makes them only the second nation in the world to make this move, after Uruguay. In the United States, too, there is a bipartisan movement, with notable figures within its ranks, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, trying to pass similar legislation across the country. With major players like this making moves it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows suit.  

Let’s All Thank Colorado 

Is all this dramatic and positive change in the cannabis world solely due to Colorado? No, probably not. It’s been the work of decades and many dedicated individuals but Colorado stands as a positive example of what can happen when cannabis is legalized across a vast area and that’s not to be sniffed at. So, on this, its most special of days, raise your vaporizer of choice high and thank the heavens for places like Colorado.  Here at Namaste we have a variety of vaporizers available on our website to help you celebrate Colorado Day with the United States! So what are you waiting for buy your very own vaporizer now!


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