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CloudV Terra Vaporizer Review

on May 04, 2015

Hello and thanks for tuning in!

This week we are taking a look at the reliable and affordable Vaporizer the CloudV Terra. The Terra has become very popular in the US and we have decided to bring it around the world through all of our Vaporizer online stores.

The Terra Vaporizer is simple to use, featuring a single button design that cycles through heat settings based on how many times you tap the button. For it's size, the Cloud V Terra Vape has a relatively large stainless steel chamber and works really well when it is packed full. The unit is relatively quick to heat up - only about 60 to 90 second.

Clodv Terra Vape Video Review

For more details, checkout Namaste Kory's review below:

The Terra by Cloud V, goes for ultimate portability with a small size and convenient USB charger

Thanks again for tuning in to our Cloudv Terra Caporizer Review! If you want to learn more about our other vaporizers you can check out all of our video reviews on our NamasteVapes YouTube Page or take a look at our most popular vaporizers.

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