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Cheech and Chong – Big Names for a Reason

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NamasteVapes UK 19/09/2018

We live in a strange time, a time where if someone pretends to be something on television then we naturally assume that they are capable of that in real life. Ross Kemp played a tough guy for years, so we naturally thought that he was tough enough to send to Afghanistan. Donald Trump played a business man on telly so we gave him control of all of America’s nuclear arsenal. It’s just the way our society is, and it’s probably why we’re all going to be dead by 2060. 

The Original Stoners - Cheech and Chong 

Sometimes, however, actors can actually live up to the skills of their roles. Cheech and Chong built their name on their hilarious stoner comedies. They became the DeFacto dry herb ambassadors to an entire generation. If they followed the trend of other celebrities, then in reality they shouldn’t be able to so much as roll a joint. But that’s not the case, in reality they are huge names in the cannabis scene, putting their seal of approval to some of the finest pieces of paraphernalia on the market. 

To prove how adept, they are at producing high quality herb equipment, we’ll take a look at some of their finest products. 

Cheech and Chong Grinder

Cheech and Chong know better than anyone else that the best way to enjoy a great herb smoking experience is to put a bit of preparation in. The Cheech and Chong Grinder is a fantastic grinder made out of high-quality anodized aluminum. This ensures that the grinder won't react with your herb and taint its flavour. It features a sifter screen, so the super-fine terpenes of your herb’s keef will be sifted away and gathered in a special compartment. 

Cheech and Chong Bongs 

Of course, Cheech and Chong won’t limit themselves to grinders, naturally they have also made a fantastic line of high-quality bongs and bubblers. The Chong is a fantastic borosilicate glass rig that is meant for use with dry herb. It is a striking beaker-base bong with a diffused down stem that helps cool your hits by breaking them down into smaller bubbles. This increases the surface area of your hit, allowing it to be cooled more thoroughly. 

If you're more in the mood for dabbing, then look no further than the Tied Stick. This ten-inch-tall rig is a striking piece of glass. Hand-blown for borosilicate glass featuring a ruffled perc and quartz banger, it is an all in one dabbing experience that won’t let you down.  

If you want something a bit more unique then the Maui Wowie will certainly catch your eye with its angled mouthpiece and shotgun showerhead perc. It features a quartz banger that is tough and more than capable of standing up to the thermal stress of a butane torch. 

Last, but not least, the Big Green Van brings the best of herb bongs and dabbing rigs together in one fantastic borosilicate glass piece. It features a chandelier perc that can cool any hit, be it a dab hit, or a dry herb hit. It comes packaged with a quartz banger and herb bowl, so you can enjoy either from the get go. 

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