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Chase Away Those Clouds with AvatarControls' VapeNut

Posted by CSR Team on

Are you constantly getting aggro from pesky family members and friends (that you obviously love and respect) because you’ve turned the room into something resembling the Scottish moors?

Good news! AvatarControls have made the perfect product to ease your foggy worries and keep your loved ones happy, which you absolutely want to do because of all of the aforementioned love and respect.

AvatarControls' VapeNut is a super sleek and futuristic looking little vapour filtration and elimination system, which is a fancy way of saying that it sucks in the fog and breaths out nice, filtered breathable air.

So whether you’re seshing with friends, vaping in an enclosed space or maybe even somewhere you’re not supposed not be (don’t worry, we won’t tell), the VapeNut has your back.

Pure Air Perfection

Doing exactly what it says on the tin (or box), AvatarControls' VapeNut purifies the air it sucks in making vaping more enjoyable for everyone in the room. A result of a collaboration between Eleaf, Joyetech and Wismec and for use both at home and in the car the VapeNut is the true best friend of every vaper.

It uses a circulating air turbocharger system to draw vapour into the device which is then filtered through the vapour specific air filter and released back into the atmosphere as clean, purified air.

However, unlike a regular “air purifier”, there is no ionization taking place so the unit basically equates to a fan that pushes vapour through a dense filter; except it’s much better looking!

Standing at just over 12cm taller and 20cm wide it really is the perfect size for sitting unnoticed on your desk or lounge table and with a non-slip rubber base it’s always standing sturdy and never causes any fuss. Cleaning and maintaining the VapeNut is also super easy and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.
Four operating modes for cleaning Vapes
There are four operating modes to choose from with varying fan speeds and rate of filtration to suit any concentration of vapour, each indicated by a different colour of the glowing logo on the top of the unit:

Green - Very Low Fan Speed
Yellow - Low Fan Speed
Orange - Medium Fan Speed
Red - High Fan Speed

The VapeNut also has an “automatic” setting which adjusts the filtration setting based on the density of the vapour around the device. Just inside of the fine mesh lid is a sensor that detects the density of the vapour and appropriately increases or decreases the speed of the fan, and therefore the level of filtration. Handy, huh?

So as well as being the perfect vaping companion and looking great, the VapeNut is also optimized to produce as little noise as possible so you can plug it in and forget about it! It’s incredibly quiet in its default (or “Green” mode) and if a higher density fog is detected and the fan kicks into a higher gear, you will hear a rushing of air but never the VapeNut itself.

Manufactured using only the highest quality plastic and metal materials, it’s a very sturdy and durable machine. AvatarControls really have done a wonderful job engineering this beautiful little piece of filtration magic.

Getting Started is Easy

Getting the VapeNut setup and going is a simple task, it’s practically ready to go out of the box. All you need to do is remove the mesh lid, and take the filter out of its protective packaging. Remembering to keep the white tab to the top, place the filter back in without the plastic and pop the lid back on. Be careful not to force it though, there is a specific orientation by which the lid fits on! At this stage you're ready to go so just plug in and turn on, choose your filtration setting and away we go. Depending on usage, the filter should last 3-6 months before it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, these are not washable so a new one has to go in and the used filter in the bin. AvatarControl do provide an extra one in the box though, so you shouldn’t have to go out buying new filters for a long time yet. Also included with the VapeNut is a quick start guide, with the full manual downloadable using the QR code on the box of your device. In addition to this, there is both a wall charger and a car charger so you can use it to keep your car clear of vape clouds while you’re out and about.

An added safety feature is that the AvatarControls' VapeNut doesn’t allow you to turn it on while the lid has been removed. This means no one can do themselves any damage on the fan blades and it’s safer for any curious fingers or paws that might go exploring!

The Proof Is In the... Puff Filtering Ability

Did you think I was going to say pudding? What would that have to do with filtering fog?! So let’s talk about how the VapeNut actually performs in real life, shall we? Using this filter is as easy as described and there are very few issues that arise with how the VapeNut performs.

Best results are achieved when it’s used in close proximity to the origin of the vapour, so If you’re vaping at your desk it would be best to have the Vape Nut on your desk too.

When vapour is directed at the machine it will change the setting as soon as it detects a high concentration of vapour, but if the room gradually fills with fog the higher setting may not automatically come on and in some cases you will have to adjust it manually.

Still no big deal and the air will get filtered eventually if you leave it on the lower setting, but it's something to note when you're looking into purchasing one.

When using in the car, where close proximity almost isn’t an option, the VapeNut performs well and again the vapour will be sucked up and filtered immediately if you direct your cloud that way!

AvatarControls' VapeNut NamasteVapes UK

AvatarControls' VapeNut really is a slick piece of equipment that would be a useful addition to any home vaping kit. Think about it the next time you puffing in your personal space, from the office to the bedroom to your car.

Regardless of how proud you are of your massive clouds, if you can’t see your tv or computer, you need one. Can’t find your friends in the mist? You need one. Haven’t seen you hamster in weeks? You need one. But most important of all, if you just want one, you NEED one!

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