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Celebrate 420 With Some Special Offers

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Christmas, birthdays, and weddings, are events essential to connect us to each other. It is this connection that lifts our spirits and keeps us going in life. For a long time, herb enthusiasts were ostracised and cast into the shadows, having no place to come together to share their love of the herb. There are numerous theories as to how ‘420’ began. Everything from it being used as a ‘secret cop code’ to the infamous ‘Waldos’ story. We might not all agree on how this party first started, but we are all in agreement that it will last forever! ‘420’ celebrations are about to kick off across the world so whether you are in Hyde Park, Golden Gate Park, or your local park, be sure to celebrate in style with the greatest vaporizers and bongs at special ‘420’ prices!

420 Offers

The Volcano Classic

The renowned ‘Volcano’, is the most powerful desktop vaporizer in the world. Utilizing a convection style heating technology, the ‘Volcano’ can vape both dry herbs and concentrates in temperatures ranging from 104°F to 446°F. Perfect for both social gatherings and chill out sessions at home, this easy to use powerhouse, evenly heats your herb, enriching the cool vapor with active ingredients, all of which is collected in a portable balloon. Once filled, the balloon is easily detached from the valve, and ready to be shared. Amazingly the balloon can store vapor for up to 8 hours! German engineering at its finest, the ‘Volcano’ provides the smoothest, coolest and tastiest aromatic vapor, you are likely to ever taste.

In honor of ‘420’, the ‘Volcano Classic’ is now reduced from £319 to £289.

Pax 2

The ‘Pax 2’ is an ultra-compact, powerful, portable, dry herb vaporizer that fits discreetly and comfortably into the palm of your hand. Beautifully crafted with a smooth anodized aluminum shell, The ‘PAX 2’ is incredibly intuitive with its ‘LED’ light and flush one-button control. Engineered with a surgical grade stainless steel vape path and oven, together with providing you with smooth, cool, flavorsome hits on every draw. Powered by a rechargeable 3000mAh lithium-ion battery, the ‘PAX 2’ utilizes a powerful convection style heating unit ensuring even heating of your herb. The ‘PAX 2’ has a super fast heat up time of only 45 seconds and comes with 4 preset temperatures ranging from 360°F to 420°F. Unique ‘Lip Sync’ technology in the ‘PAX 2’ maintains the temperature in the device while you are drawing providing a nice smooth consistent draw. A powerful vaporizer and a favorite amongst the vaping community, the ‘PAX 2’ is now available at a huge discount in honor of 420.

Reduced from £129.95 to £110.46

Black Mamba

A discreet, stylish, portable, dry herb vaporizer, the ‘Black Mamba’ is an ideal entry-level vaporizer with one button control and an intuitive LED light. This sturdy vaporizer has a huge .65g chamber allowing you to pack a lot of herb into this small but surprisingly powerful device. A conduction style heating system provides an incredibly fast initial warm-up time of only 20 seconds, providing you up to an hour of smooth vaping! With 5 built-in temperatures ranging from 356°F to 428°F, you can experience unique tastes and excellent vape density both in equal measure. The perfect budget vaporizer for those dipping their toes into the vaping world.

Now available at an incredible price!! Reduced from £49.99 to only £28.57

Marley Natural Smoked Beaker Bong

It is without a doubt that on April 20th, both Bob Marley's name and music will fill the air at many a party across the world.Why not fill the air with huge clouds as well using a piece from the official Bob Marley brand, Marley Naturals. A high-quality bong constructed from only the highest quality Borosilicate glass, renowned for its incredibly high heat resistance and strength. Simply fill with water, place your herb in the large male size bowl and ignite. The downstem has a built-in ‘diffuser’ which forces the smoke into different directions, thereby increasing its surface area, resulting in cooler smoke and that's before it even hits the water! What better way to really get the party started, then to pass around a bong! 

In honor of the man and the day, we have reduced this exquisite glass piece from £164.99 down to an amazing £109.99 



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