Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

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Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

Cannabis Prohibition Must end in UK

Cannabis plants have began sprouting in city's all over the UK, a nation where the herb is illegal apart from cannabis seeds and judicial sentences for possession can result in a five year jail sentence. The herb can be found growing in iconic places in London such as Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge, and The Shard.

The cannabis plant can grow wild and free all by itself - while we see that the latest batch has been planted by a group of activists intent on showing the absurdity of prohibition. The herbs where planted by the activist group 'feed the birds'  as part of their campaign to highlight the stupidity of making the drug illegal when it can naturally grow in locations all over the UK. The group are intent on bringing to the public attention the sheer madness of the current situation and their actions have led to an increased awareness about a real push for cannabis legalisation.

Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

Feed The Birds - Spreading Seeds for Change

The activist group 'Feed the Birds' was formed in 2014 and since then the movement has begun to accumulate followers up and down the island of Britain.  The followers of the group which are purported to be around 10,000 have promised to continue their acts of resistance to prohibition by cultivating and planting cannabis seeds in well known locations throughout the UK. The group have pledged to continue their activities despite the fact that planting and cultivating Cannabis can lead to severe sentences which can go as high as 14 years imprisonment.

But the beauty of the whole project is the fact that the group are managing to exploit a loophole in UK law which means that what they are doing is completely legal. In the UK possession of cannabis seeds are not illegal so long as they are not being used to cultivate and grow cannabis, and so, the group when throwing the seeds in provocative locations simply just say to the authorities that they are 'feeding the birds' and because of this they manage to avoid prosecution!

Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

Royal Cannabis plants?

Scattering seeds, these nutritional powerhouses, with the intent of feeding birds and other wildlife is not a crime and so there is very little the authorities can do to prevent the activity. If the seeds aren't eaten by the birds then the seeds begin to germinate and start growing into full size cannabis plants in some of the most famous places in the UK. The situation is comical in that in the some of the most world renowned buildings in the UK Cannabis plants are beginning to come as common as lawn grass. In one case a Cannabis plant was growing outside Buckingham Palace as members of the royal family walked in close proximity. 

Ineffectiveness of Prohibition  

Spokesman for 'Feed the birds' Finn Hemingway was recently on record for saying that: “We believe that seeds left to grow highlight the ineffectiveness of prohibition, partly because cannabis grows naturally in the UK and has done for thousands of years, and partly because we feel visual protests are powerful and evocative." Hemingway went on to give another whole host of examples in relation to the madness of what is happening and he pledged to continue his campaign until there is a shift toward a more liberal approach to the herb. 

Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

Is 2019 the year of change for the UK? 

Many advocates of the herb are adamant that the harsher penalties in the UK are uncalled for, draconian, and that these laws should be repealed immediately. And in light of recent legalization in various states throughout the USA the UK's attitude to the herb does seems vastly out of touch to much of rest of the world. For example in Colorado the legalization of the herb has resulted in lowering of crime, domestic violence, and the state of Colorado has benefited to the tune of $60million in taxes and sales.

Colorado has also become a haven for families who have children suffering from epileptic fits and other diseases as they are allowed to safely use the herb without fear of prosecution. In patients with epilepsy Cannabis has been shown to dramatically improve the condition of the disease resulting in a better quality of the life for those suffering from the disease.  

Change is coming to the UK

Peaceful demonstrations, social media campaigns, and 'bird feeding' events have began springing up in the UK in an attempt to highlight the issue. 'Feed the Birds' have also promised to make people more aware in relation to the benefits of the cannabis. In particular the use of Cannabis oil which according to many sources has miraculously resulted in cancer tumours shrinking, and in other cases the cancer disappearing completely- and whilst such claims need more solid proof they certainly do suggest that cannabis oil may be an alternative treatment. 

Cannabis Plants Growing Wild in UK Cities

Additionally, the cheeky 'feed the birds' members have began placing stickers which advocate for cannabis use in places such as police cars, outside courts, and in politicians offices. Overall we can expect to see a lot more action from these activists in the very near future with support for the group growing and continuing to grow due to the unfairness of the ban. 

One clear example about the madness of the ban was clearly seen when Police Officers from London recently 'confiscated' two plants that where growing wild, and when one Officer was asked what he planned to do with the plants the Officer replied with a cheeky grin that "The plants will be taken away for analysis."  One wouldn't need to be genius to know what kind of 'analysis' he was thinking of doing, perhaps  the type of analysis where a large splif the size of a Gorillas forearm is passed the around the station.