Can CBD Oil Benefit you in Sport?

on Jul 27, 2018


CBD Oil has taken the world by storm, coming with a variety of health benefits such as reducing symptoms of anxiety, promoting bone growth and heart health and can be a potential medicine for nausea and epilepsy. With its increasing popularity CBD has been infused in a variety of products such as creams, oil drops, capsules and is even being infused into food and drinks.  

While many have come forward in the press and on social media sharing their stories and experiences with CBD, one question is still being frequently asked; can CBD benefit you in sport? CBD has made headlines in sporting news recently with WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency approving the use of CBD Oil for athletes, there have been some studies done investigating whether CBD is beneficial to you during sport, but no in-depth study has been carried out as of yet 


What is CBD? 

CBD is a product derived from the cannabis plant and acts as a therapeutic agent in your endocannabinoid system. A common misconception is that you will get high from CBD, but this isn't the case as it has an incredibly low THC level. Dosage measurements and side effects are included in more depth here  

CBD, like exercise has become a fundamental element in many people's everyday lives and now people are beginning to wonder if there is a link between the two. Physical activity promotes well-being, longevity and strengthening while CBD has the ability to bring your body back to balance from the inside out and is beginning to be seen as an alternative means of therapy for a number of conditions.  

How does it help me in sport? 

When you exercise your body releases chemicals and hormones into your system. While hormones are vital for regulating functions such as your blood pressure and stress, when you work out your body releases more hormones and things such as cortisol into your bloodstream than usual. A study on CBD has shown that it can reduce stress hormones and cortisol levels in your blood stream, bringing your body back to balance from the inside out. 

Inflammation is one of the most frequent injuries an athlete can have and depending on its severity, it could impact your ability to participate in sport until it has been healed. A study on CBD has shown that is has significant anti-inflammatory agents that could be beneficial as a prevention and cure product for athletes. With more research done on this in the future, CBD could dominate the medical market with people choosing to opt for an all-natural plant-based product, rather than choosing over the counter prescription medication full of chemicals we sometimes can't even pronounce. This can also apply to pain relief as other studies have shown that CBD can be a powerful source of pain relief which will be hugely beneficial for athletes and when they encounter sport related injuries.  

While athletes may be a god on the field, off the field they are just like everyone else and can suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, fear memories and depression. There has been a substantial amount of research done on CBD and their benefits regarding these conditions. Conditions like these could even damage your sleeping pattern which is another area which CBD can help you. It can't be ignored that sports personalities such as NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan and UFC fighter Nate Diaz have openly spoken about CBD and their experiences and how it is a topic that should be spoken and educated about. "it'll make your life a better place" (Nate Diaz).  

CBD Oil for Pain 

The best CBD oil for pain or the best hemp oil for pain depends on the user and the conditions they want to treat. We have a variety of CBD and hemp products available here at Namaste so with a bit of trial and error you can find the best product for you to treat your condition. Whether you decide to opt for creams, capsules, crystals or drops the best CBD Oil for pain or the best hemp oil for pain can be found here. As mentioned earlier CBD oil can be used for pain and inflammation which is incredibly common in sport and having been approved by WADA, athletes as well as people who simply enjoy exercise, now use CBD Oil for pain as well as a pre-work out boost and as a recovery supplement post-exercise.  


So, what's next? 

CBD has taken the world by storm in lifestyle, health, and food and now sport has come into the spotlight, with athletes using it as a pre-workout boost and as a post-workout recovery. Bringing your body to balance from the inside out while being an all-natural plant based therapeutic agent is something you don't see very often but with more time and in-depth research CBD is on its way to knocking nearly every kind of medication out of the park.  

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