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Best herb vape, Will Firefly 2 hit the podium?

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

In almost every country around the world people are beginning to appreciate the health benefits of herbal inhalation over smoking. But why are vaporizers taking over?

Why vapor is better than smoke?

Best Herb Vape - Why vapor is better than smoking

There are various reasons as to why vaporizers are becoming more and more popular and people are beginning to turn away from smoking. Some of these reasons include: 

- Combustion is the chemical process in which a substance reacts rapidly with oxygen and gives off heat. The by-products that are created from combustion are extremely harmful to the human respiratory system.

- Vaping is a lot cleaner than smoking, especially when in groups of people. Second hand smoke harming people standing around you is not an issue with vaporizers. 

- Vaporization is the most efficient way to consume your dry herb. In the long run, vaping will save you money in comparison to smoking. 

- When vaping, you take in more of the smoking materials or herb in comparison to smoking where you can burn up to 88% of your materials away. 

- Vaping has been proven to not leave as much of a smell as smoking.

The Debate against Vaporizers

There has been recent debate against vaporizers, mostly of which stems from organisations that will benefit a lot from the money generated by the tax on cigarettes and its related research, have come out with some skew wiff research. They mainly debate that when you vape, this takes in harmful chemicals too. Now the part that is conveniently not mentioned is firstly, this is dependent on what you put into your vape.

Cheap vapes from petrol stations or discount shops of course are not the best for you. This is what real cheap vapes are. This is the same as going out and buying a £2 pack of 5 cigs from a brand you have never heard of. If you are just vaping dry herbs then you do not need to worry about the vapor. In fact you do not need to worry if it is anything other than cheap e-juices. 

Now of course if you want vapor to give you your nicotine fix then you will need to get some e-juice. That is not a problem as regardless of the fact that it still not known to be 100% healthy...compared to a cigarette it is around 88% better for you. So want to know the Best Herb Vape for 2016?

Best Herb Vapes as of August 2016

We have seen a lot of new dry herb vapes enter the ring bringing awesome vapor quality with them. We have also seen some of the classic hold their strength. So, what do we see as it stands...

The Classic: The Pax 2 has kept strong keeping itself as one of the best conduction vapes on the market. If a portable, stylish and healthier option is what your looking for with your dry herb vape. This ticks all boxes. The Mighty and Crafty from Storz and Bickel are pretty close behind to packing more of a punch but at a greater size.

The New Contender: The Firefly 2 is hitting the UK scene as the vape to have. It is available to buy on our store here. This is the new Vape from one of the biggest companies and we have loved what we have seen so far. This could be the worlds new Best Dry Herb Vape.

The New Comer: The G Pen Elite has been flying off the shelves offering a great vape for a great price. If you are buying one of these best dry herb vapes on a budget this could be your one.

The Wild Card: The Guru Vaporizer has come in by Grizzy Originals. With a price tag cheaper than the G Pen Elite and even while offering the first Vape that can literally Vape anything. Dry herbs, Liquids, Wax's etc. This is one we want to look out for as we see the hype growing so its definitely worth getting.

The rest of our best dry herb vapes

You can view or best dry herb vapes in our store. Best Vaporizers 

Here you will see everything from the best portable handheld vapes to our desktop vapes. If you want to go there now just click here for out best vape section.

Or visit our store now, Namaste and blessings to all 

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