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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

on Mar 30, 2015

Best value portable vaporizers in the world is probably the Arizer Solo. Known to be highly reliable and reasonably priced, Solo also generates quality vapor and despite smaller modifications hasn't changed too much since it's release. Arizer makes some of the top selling and most reliable cheap vaporizers available and the Solo of course is no exception. This week we've decided to review the classic Arizer Solo. (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available - Check out our blog section to see our newest reviews)

The Solo is still one of the top selling vaporizers today and is known for quality construction and vapor at a great price.

NamasteVapes carries other popular vaporizers by Arizer including the Air portable vaporizer and the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. The Air is actually built to function in a similar manner to the Solo but in a more compact design. If you need accessories, spare or replacement parts for your Arizer vaporizers we also carry a wide range of Arizer Accessories as well as our custom Arizer Solo DLX and Arizer Solo DLX+ vaporizer kits that include a 14mm and 18mm borosilicate glass water tools with required adapters. We recommend the DLX and DLX+ vaporizer kits for those who want a smoother, gentler vapor cooled by water.

Arizer Solo II
Solo II vs Air II