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A step-by-step guide to mentally and physically preparing for Black Friday weekend

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Thanksgiving weekend is a crazy time. Not just because you’ll be lumped together with all your family members (whether you like it or not), but because you’ve barely slept off your turkey dinner when Black Friday has already exploded out of the crisp November air to send everyone into a mindless buying frenzy. And before you can even begin to recover from that, Cyber Monday rolls around with even more deals.

Read on for our step-by-step guide to mentally and physically preparing for Black Friday, with how to get the best deals on the products you actually want without sacrificing your soul (and bank account) in the process.

Black Friday Poster

Get a great night’s sleep

While Black Friday weekend officially starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving, a lot of stores both online and offline have begun starting to deals earlier to bait customers and perhaps lessen the risk of fights, looting and literal shootings.

A lot of customers wait outside for hours on end through the cold night to be right at the door when shops open. Your cognitive function is greatly reduced when you’re sleep deprived, leaving you irritable and a little on edge - which is perhaps one of the elements contributing to the annual Black Friday chaos. It’s also no secret that stores have a LOT of inventory to clear on the day, so turning up right when the store opens won’t actually make that much of a difference compared to turning up a few hours later with a decent night’s sleep.

With the birth of Cyber Monday, shoppers are now able to reap the best deals from the comfort of their own homes without having to sacrifice a decent few hours of sleep.


Despite the war on carbs that’s erupted over the last few decades, carbohydrates are actually one of the most efficient sources of energy for our bodies. Carbohydrates are simple sugars that are absorbed into the body and converted into energy very quickly, which makes them perfect for keeping you pumped and alert for pounding the pavements or scrolling through deals online.

Prepare for Black Friday by eating a meal that is rich in both complex and simple carbohydrates. These don’t have to be unhealthy choices, as there are lots of nourishing foods that fall into these categories. Simple carbohydrates (found in fruit and sports energy drinks) will give you the instant energy boost, while complex carbohydrates (which is in grains like bread, rice and pasta) will take longer for the body to process which leaves you feeling fuller and energized for longer.

Some Thanksgiving leftovers rich in these carbohydrates include sweet potatoes, nut roast and roast veggies. Lean protein from turkey will also help you stay energized and full for a long weekend of searching for deals.

Vaping! (Can take out if necessary)

If the idea of going Black Friday shopping leaves you feeling like Eminem in 8 Mile before his first rap battle, try vaping some dry herbs! As any dry herb aficionados will know, vaping is the best way to enjoy herb and will soon leave you as relaxed as possible so you can snap up the best deals possible!

You can buy a wide range of dry herb vaporizers which would suit you best. The Mighty Vaporizer is perfect for vaping as you can change the temperature a lot so you can get the perfect inhale with minimal coughing! So, buy a vape if you want to stabilize you mood this Black Friday!

Create your budget, and a list of things you want

The weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday is a great time to shop for holiday gifts for your family and friends (and yourself, as well), but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with FOMO over the best deals. This can leave you in a spending blackout, mindlessly grabbing things you don’t really need or want until hours later when you come to, surrounded by a dozen Fitbits and a flat screen TV you can’t even fit in your room.

To avoid the bloated feeling of buyer’s guilt (and a drained bank account), make a list of everything you want to purchase, and have a look at the upcoming deals from your favourite stores a few weeks in advance (believe us, they’ll tell you about it). Try and find what stores have the best deals for the things you want and stick to them – spreading yourself thin running all over town and scrolling through a dozen websites is only going to leave you burnt out and consumed by the empty capitalist void.

Here at Namaste vapes, we’ll have 20% off across our entire store – so whether you’ve had your eye on the wildly popular Pax 3, or maybe you’re finally ready to splash out on a Volcano – you can pick up some amazing deals while stuffing your face with Thanksgiving leftovers from the comfort of your own bed. You’re welcome.

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