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WHAT IS 7/10?

While 420 celebrates all kinds of cannabis products, 710 is a worldwide celebration specifically for the use of cannabis concentrates. The reasoning behind celebrating it on the 7th of July is simple; flip 710 upside down and you have the word oil! While it doesn't get the same publicity as 420 does, 710 is an up and coming celebration slowly making its way into the limelight, as more and more people are dabbing as an alternative to vaping and smoking.

How much is the right amount - NamasteVapes UK

Here at Namaste Vapes we're excited to announce that we're celebrating 710 in style with several concentrate vaporizers and rosin press' and we'd like to invite you to the party! Simply use the code OIL15 for 15% off!

So now you have your invite, the question is, are you ready? If not, don't panic we're here to help you out answering the most asked questions when it comes to what are dabs and how do you do it? 


There are three main types of concentrates that are widely used in the dabbing community, if you're new to the dabbing scene don't worry we're going to lay it all out for you so when the time comes you'll be more than ready. 


Essentially, shatter concentrates look like hard candy. This is because butane is forced through the cannabis material to create a golden liquid which is then left to cool. As the temperature drops the golden liquid solidifies into shatter which has the consistency of peanut brittle.


There is very little room for imagination here, it looks and feels exactly how it sounds. Wax is made through butane extraction and begins as a golden-brown liquid. It is then heated up to create an opague, sticky substance resembling ear wax.


This process involves drying out and curing cannabis flowers which then use both pressure and heat to make them agitated and pressed. Here at Namaste Vapes UK we have your back with...

 How much is the right amount?

Trial and error seems to be the best method in order to find out which amount is best for you as it depends on the experience of the user. If you're new to the dabbing community, we recommend you start off small and gradually building it up. If you're looking for a more specific size frame we recommend the size of a crumb, while you may think that this amount is far too little it is important to remember that they are a lot more potent compared to flowers.

How much is the right amount - NamasteVapes UK

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is a form of quick vaporization of concentrates. They are more potent than flowers and have become widely popular across the globe making this the perfect time for you to jump in and celebrate 710 with everyone else! While dabbing is a delicate and ever evolving process, once you get the hang of things and have an idea of what you're doing, you'll be a pro in no time!

Dabbing usually requires the following tools:

1. Cannabis Extract

2. A water pipe- note you can disassemble your bong and buy attachments here to turn your bong into a dab rig.

3. Nail- this tool is to fit pipes water guage and typically is made from ceramic, quartz or titanium.

4. A dome- This is best described as a glass hood around the nail

5. A torch- While flameless methods are now becoming available this is still the most effective method with people typically using a hand torch that is used for crème Brule's. Other more advanced users invest in larger propane powered torches to speed up heating time.

6. A Dabber- typically made from glass, metal or ceramic, this tool is used to apply a dab.

How do you dab?

1. Step 1:

Turn on your torch and aim the flame directly at the nail to heat it up.

2. Step 2:

Once hot, turn off your torch and place your glass dome over the nail. We recommend that for titanium nails that you let it cool down for about 10 seconds and for quartz you allow a good 45 seconds to cool down so the surface area of the nail isn't too hot.

3. Step 3:

Using the dabber, apply your desired amount directly onto the nail inside the dome and inhale slowly

4. Step 4:

Exhale and enjoy! Congratulations! You're officially ready to party with us this coming 710!

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